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How long will it take you to find us a suitable candidate?

The length of time it takes Speller International to find a suitable candidate can depend on the type of role being filled. We always endeavour to ensure you are offered exceptional SAP candidates in the quickest possible timeframe.

Who do I talk to?

You can contact any one in our friendly team:

  • SAP (IT) Account Management Division

  • SAP Change, Training and Documentation Division

  • SAP Corporate Services Division

  • SAP Candidate Management Division

  • Administration Division

What is your process?

Speller International follows a unique methodology process every time it undertakes a project. We screen and qualify candidates not only in terms of SAP skills, but also cultural and team fit. We use an SAP Specific Assessment Scorecard, allowing Speller International to differentiate between SAP candidates in the quickest timeframe possible.

Why should we use you?

  • Our industry expertise coupled with our extensive networks sets us apart from our competitors

  • Speller International are SAP specialists

  • Our diverse sourcing strategies attract the highest quality SAP talent

  • The quality, structure and tenure of our team

  • We are passionate about SAP and are committed to understanding the nuances and intricacies of the SAP market and SAP technology. 

  • We pride ourselves on success and through our custom built and tailored SAP recruitment methodology, we believe we are at the forefront of our market.

  • We believe in team-synergy and forming lasting partnerships with our clients and candidates.