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Due Diligence

Speller International is known for the quality of the SAP candidate we forward to each of our clients. This is not only based on our proven methodology but relies heavily on our due diligence/ background checks undertaken for each candidate with their authorisation. We believe it is the indirect/informal references that provide a true representation of a candidates ‘fit’ for a role rather than the formal names provided on a CV.  

Informal Reference

All candidates represented by Speller International undergo an informal reference check with the candidates permission. It is through these informal checks that we are able to obtain ‘behind the scenes’ information, providing us with real insight into each and every candidate, their strengths, attributes and work ethic. 

Formal Reference

In addition to our informal references, we always complete two formal references from a candidates previous line or hiring manager, prior to them being offered the position.

Comprehensive background research including police and medical checks, skills and psychometric testing can be conducted on request. 


Quality Management

Speller International is committed to quality management and as such we are beholden to our clients, our candidates, our suppliers and finally to each other.

We strive to fulfil our commitment to deliver a high level of service, through our dedication to a tailored Quality Management System. Through this program we have established a custom built recruitment methodology and flexible processes that can be adapted to each organisation we partner with.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and actively seek feedback through both client and candidate surveys on an ongoing basis to ensure we are monitoring our performance and adapting to change. This means you are working with an innovative recruitment partner whose capability is continually evolving.


Speller International adheres to the principals of the Industrial Relations Act and has an Occupational Health and Safety Policy which is implemented each time we induct a contractor. Our contractors are provided an OH&S Agreement which must be read and signed in conjunction with the policy and an OH&S Checklist that is completed by the contractor onsite once they have commenced their contract. Combined with our Privacy Policy we also have the correct level of Workcover & Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance.

Our organisation takes the health and safety of our onsite contractors seriously and assists all of our clients by reviewing their sites on an annual basis to ensure all Occupational Health & Safety policies are being upheld in accordance with Australian law.