Nick’s Corner – February 2015

Posted on February 2015 By Nick Speller

​Happy 2015! I trust you had a great Christmas and New Year with friends and loved ones – I know I certainly did! But it’s all hands on deck now for a great year ahead.

I am really excited we have launched a new section of the blog called “The Quarterly Crunch”. Last year you’ll remember we asked what you wanted to read about in 2015, and Top Modules was a popular one on the list. Written by our Sales Director, Judy Cole, these blogs will be published 2 weeks after the end of each quarter and will assess those SAP modules Speller International found to be most popular. And as we love to get feedback, it would be great to hear your own thoughts on these each quarter.

This month we published a blog on the importance of upskilling, interviewing four SAP consultants who have done just that. As a company director and a manager, this is a topic that I am especially passionate about. I offer every employee at Speller International an annual professional development allowance for them to tailor their own career growth. We have a staff member dedicated to researching relevant training to share with staff, and to assist them in finding the right course/training that balances both their work and personal interests and commitments. I am a strong believer that by working with my staff to improve and develop their knowledge, not only will it add value to their contribution to the company and to their colleagues, but most importantly, it will benefit them as individuals by enriching their knowledge and assisting in their personal growth.

Another topic close to my heart is the client and candidate surveys we conducted at the end of last year. I am extremely grateful for the honest and constructive feedback we received, and without sounding arrogant, was over the moon with the scores we received. My staff and I try to ensure the recruitment experience with Speller International is a smooth and enjoyable one and it was nice to see that the majority of the results reflected this. Having said that, we were able to identify some real areas of improvement and have put a plan in place to address these. We are conducting internal process improvements in addition to both in-house and external training to ensure we are meeting your needs and your expectations.

So that’s it from me! Our three divisions at Speller International have kicked off the year full steam ahead, and it looks like the SAP market has too – I think its going to be a great quarter 3!