Judy Cole   -  Managing Director

Judy has extensive recruitment and account management experience in SAP. A valued member of the Speller International team since 2005, she joined as a candidate manager, and since 2010 has been managing the sales team. Judy’s positive and motivating approach helps to energise her team, not only to reach their targets of placing the best candidates in the industry but to enjoy the working week. Whilst Judy forms part of the Leadership Division which drives the success of Speller International, she remains hands on and one of the most connected SAP recruitment consultants in Australia. Judy enjoys networking and giving something back to the SAP community and is often asked to present at seminars such as career events for Victoria Universities IT/SAP students.

“Judy is a high quality recruitment professional in the SAP area. Her attention to detail and knowledge of her market & industry is very impressive. I can recommend Judy to any business that is looking for quality candidates. If you already have quality SAP staff, then that means you have already worked with Judy!”

Brad Lister   -  SAP Account Manager

Brad joined Speller International in November 2017. He brings a fresh approach to the Account Management team, having spent the last decade as a Relationship Manager, Business Development Manager and Account Manager across large scale banks and private enterprise in both Australian and the UAE.
Brad holds a diverse exposure to business operations and life cycles, extensive experience in high level customer service and the ability to analyse both business requirements and personnel requirements seamlessly. These have assisted him in building a network of professionals and large organisations, affording him the ability to understand what the business is doing, what they are trying to achieve, and how they want to do it. Ultimately this will shorten the recruitment life cycle and business objectives will be realised sooner.

Keely Shay   -  SAP Recruitment Consultant

Keely joined Speller International in August 2018 after a long career as a travel agent. Keely brings a diverse and interesting background with a focus on relationship management. Keely is eager to grow her network within the SAP community and in turn, learn more about the diverse world of SAP recruitment. Keely’s experience with meeting customer needs when it came to their travel requirements will be valuable in ensuring candidates are being placed in a role that they’re most suited to and are going to enjoy in the long run.

Nick Speller - Speller International

Nick Speller   -  Director & Founder

Nick is extremely passionate about SAP and SAP recruitment. His extensive career began in 1996 at Alexander Mann in the UK as a SAP Senior Consultant. Shortly after, he became the Regional Manager running the SAP division cementing his career in the industry. Bringing his wealth of knowledge in SAP to Australia, Nick founded Speller International in 2000 and has established himself and the company as trusted and knowledgeable competitors in this niche market. Nick takes pride in his company, his staff and his clients, believing they are the best in their field. He is dedicated to developing a friendly and productive culture within the organisation that is customer-service and performance focused, fondly known as The Speller Difference.

“The professionalism shown by your organisation has been outstanding and you continue to find quality candidates in a tight market. Without exception, the staff you have placed here have been excellent, delivered the experience and the expertise that their resume promised, and quickly fitted into our team. We have used more than our share of recruitment agencies (IT and generalist) and I am very comfortable in saying your organisation stands out heads and shoulders above the rest.”

Mary Vidovich   -  Senior SAP Account Manager

Commencing her career in the niche SAP Market in 2005, Mary has over a decade of experience working across a variety of capacities including; Administration/ Back Office, Candidate Management, Account Management and Business Development. Initially working at Speller International for over 5 years, and after 4 year’s at another SAP specific recruitment agency, we welcomed Mary back to Speller International in July 2015. In her current position, Mary focuses on SAP Account Management and Business Development across the SAP Technology division and Corporate Services (SAP Users). Mary prides herself on her personal approach, which has allowed her to build an extensive and strong network within the SAP community.

“Mary has been an excellent professional to deal with and has such great people skills that reminded me that human factor has to remain the focus even in a work relationship. Thank you Mary for your contagious enthusiasm.”