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Our Change, Training and Documentation division is focused on providing quality staff to allow for the increased demand in SAP knowledge and usability.  With the continuing changes to SAP and the necessity for organisations to invest in updated software, Speller International identifies that end users and other facilitators require relevant and concise training in addition to tangible training materials.  Paramount to this is the importance of the delivery to be executed by highly knowledgeable and competent SAP Training and Documentation Specialists.

We understand the varying complexities of each SAP project and will not just provide generic SAP staff, but will listen to your specific requirements. For example, we can provide staff who are proficient in differing authorising tools such as uPerform, SPP, or when a Change Manager is required to follow a specific methodology, such as ADKAR or PROSCI, we will find the suitable candidate. We don’t just provide a generalist SAP Trainer, if you need an SAP PM Trainer, we will provide an SAP PM Trainer. It’s these specific details which make the difference and help to ensure the success of your project.

Positions managed in this division include but are not limited to:

  • SAP Training Manager / Training Lead

  • SAP Technical Writers/ Trainers and Instructional Designers

  • SAP Change Managers / SAP Change Analysts

  • SAP Change & Communications Managers

  • SAP Training Coordinators / Schedulers / Analysts

SAP Change, Training & Documentation

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