Quarterly Crunch Q1 20/21

Posted on October 2020 By Speller International
Quarterly Crunch Q1 2 1

We’ve had a great start to the year, with solid sales across the board. Let’s look at our figures to see what SAP areas are doing well early in 20/21.

What skill did we place most of? What skill was highly sort after? Is the SAP market hot… or not? For your own comparison here is my Quarterly Crunch Q4 19/20 and here is the Quarterly Crunch Q1 for financial year 19/20.

You can see all of our Quarterly Crunches on the Speller blog if you wish to look at even more stats!

To recap, we give you Speller’s actual sales for the quarter. I don’t share my own opinions (or excuses!) or what we believe to be the reasons behind the results. Sometimes, especially in this online age, we hear too many opinions and it’s nice to be able to draw your own. But if you want our opinion then feel free to comment and ask and/or to share your own thoughts.

Speller’s sales for the quarter

With a tough end to 19/20 financial year (achieving 57% of Q4 target). We have bounced back in Q1 20/21 achieving 143% of target which is a great start to the year!

In regards to purely sales (sales = people placed within the SAP field in either contract or permanent engagements). In comparison to Quarter 4, we placed 72% more people in Quarter 1 (Jul, Aug, Sept 20/21). Comparing to the same quarter last year we were 34% up on sales volume in the quarter.

What are the top 5 roles we placed in the quarter?

•Change Manager/Consultant
•C4C (BA, Consultant, CRM Lead)

FYI last quarter (Q4 FY19/20) … It was;

•SuccessFactor Tester

What % were permanent vs contract in quarter 1?

17.4% of the people we placed this Quarter were permanent (or fixed term) and 82.6% contract. Note; 3.8% of the people we placed in the previous Quarter (Q4) were permanent.

How else can we measure how busy the market was? Let’s look at the number of requirements we received in during the Quarter.

Quarterly crunch (2).png

Number of requirements for quarter 1?

Speller International received a total of 82 vacant SAP job positions to fill throughout the Quarter, compared to the previous Quarter which was 67 vacancies (and 102 in Q3). Those positions were across our 3 divisions (SAP IT, SAP Change and Training and SAP Corporate Services) as well as being across Australia and NZ.

Top requirement;

•C4C (Functional, Hana, Project Man)
•Project Managers

FYI – the top 5 requirements from quarter 4 were;

•Open Text
•SuccessFactors (inc LMS, Tester and lead)

Most difficult skill set to find for quarter 1;

Despite placing a few consultants across C4C, we have found this emerging skill is still difficult to find as there are very few consultants in the market with this particular skillset.

Average contract length;

This Quarter we averaged an initial contract length of 15.53 weeks (this does not take into account extensions), Q4 was 17.36 weeks, Q3 17.57 was weeks, Q2 was 13.40 weeks and in Q1 19/20 it was 21.52 weeks.

And that's a wrap!

What’s in store for the next Quarter? Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Quarterly Crunch!