Redundancies – A Sad Time or a Brilliant Opportunity?

Posted on April 2019 By Speller International
Redundancies – A Sad Time or a Brilliant Opportunity?

Inevitably businesses that are bought, sold or merged often result in significant human impact. We recognise this is an awful situation both personally and professionally, so in this blog we explore the opportunities it can present, and what you can do to turn the situation into a positive.

Personal development
There is never a better time to learn something new than now and a redundancy presents you a little extra time and renewed purpose. This does not have to be career related. Learn a new language or take those cooking lessons you’ve always wanted to. If you have a thirst for knowledge but you find your head in “the cloud” read our blog on “upskilling.” There is also plenty of information from SAP guru’s at

Make a plan
Take the opportunity to take a step back and get some perspective. Write down everything you want out of your career and life. It’s important to have a goal to work towards. Now write out the all the things you need to achieve to reach this goal and break it into achievable bite-sized pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Take your time to go through the process so you know you’re on the right track. It’s not always easy mapping out a plan, but seeing it on paper is one step closer to making it happen. Do you have your ideal job in mind?

Time to reflect or time for a change?
Have you thought about contracting? There are increasing numbers of opportunities as companies embark on their transformation journeys to work on some exciting new projects. Contracting is a great way to increase your skills and broaden your experience, network and employability. And typically it commands a premium rate due to the contracting nature.

Last but certainly not least meet your recruiter
Arrange to see them and have a coffee. This demonstrates your commitment to your search and a face to face meeting is always better than a chat over the phone. When you meet with your recruiter come prepared with an updated copy of your CV. Focus on your key achievements over the past 2 years, any new technology you’ve worked on, and an example coversheet for the type of role you would like to achieve.

Like we mentioned before, have a good think about your next step, if you want a permanent opportunity or contract, and if travel is an option for you and your family. Be prepared for any opportunity and be in a position to seize it. Be open and honest as your recruiter can only represent you with the information they have available and the more you share the more we can help.

Mentally prepare yourself
Remember redundancy is not a reflection on you or your skills. The business has made a decision to go in a different direction and whatever brought this about you can be quite confident that you could not have influenced it. It’s important to remain professional and assist the business in the transition to the best of your ability. Remain positive and leave a positive impact on the company. You never know what opportunities are around the corner.