How to Balance Work and Life in the SAP World

Posted on April 2018 By Speller International
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There’s no denying it – working in SAP can be stressful, whatever the role. Long hours in such mentally challenging work can take it out of the best of us, but it’s important to look after yourself if you want to really achieve what you want in life and your career.

With that in mind, we thought it might be useful to offer up a few handy tips on simple things you can do to ensure you keep your life and your work commitments in suitable balance. Let’s take a look!

Get on your bike!

Traffic can be a nightmare. But did you know that there’s an amazing cycling infrastructure for getting to and from work, wherever you’re situated. Besides giving you some great exercise, in many cases it’s actually much faster than the car or public transport. And since it’ll get your blood pumping, you can save even more time by skipping that gym session before or after work and concentrating on other things!

Plan your day

Look, this one will sound pretty basic, but you’d be amazed by how powerful – and even liberating – it can be to keep a structured diary. Planning your time as well as you’re able not only helps maintain a sense of purpose, it often allows you to reclaim time that might otherwise have been spent just trying to fill time between appointments and dedicate it towards a personal objective or goal.

Pencil in a little ‘me time’…

Further to the above, your planning needn’t always revolve around the needs or demands of others, nor do you have to feel compelled to fill every minute of your day with meetings and appointments. Schedule some time for yourself and be protective of that time. After all you can’t ever really ‘buy’ time, but you sure can allocate it.

Get some clarity

Again, this may take a little work, but the rewards will be worth it. Take some time to really, truly clarify your priorities – in life as much as in work. That way you can make sure you’re focusing your energy towards meeting your obligations and fulfilling your goals, reducing the risks of getting side-tracked or feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.

Did we say ‘goals’?

That’s right! It’s all very well and good to be clear about your priorities and work towards well-defined objectives, but without establishing definite goals for yourself you may struggle to find balance or attain true momentum towards what you want from life. Decide what you want. Then, make an achievable plan to get there. The sense of accomplishment that follows setting and meeting your goals is utterly enriching.

The power of NO

This may seem counterintuitive, but it is worth your while learning that you have the ability to say no to many more things than you might think. For instance, working until 10pm doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being more productive, or adding greater value to the work – so learn to say no, and set some limits. You’ll thank yourself.

Reduce the clutter

This applies not just to your home or office environment, but also your calendar and your headspace. Simplify your life! Get rid of the things around you that are simply unnecessary. Look at your week or even your month ahead. Is there anything inconsequential, or even that you simply don’t like? If so, seriously ask yourself – can it go?

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to follow all the tips we’ve outlined above – just what works or makes sense for you. Attaining an elegant work/life balance is a challenge that can take some time, and everyone’s idea of balance is different. Only you know what you can do without, or what you most want to achieve.

But just by spending a little time exploring ways you can make your life that little bit simpler, you’re already on your way to finding a balance that will work for you. After more advice? Check out our archives!