The Speller Yearly Review

As we settle into the new financial year (19/20) and we prepare for our Speller annual company trip away, we reflect on our busy but challenging past year (18/19). This year we head up to sunny Airlie Beach to set some goals, plans and focus for this financial year.

Meet the Team


This week we are speaking with Speller’s newest recruit, Byron. We sit down with Byron and ask him about his history, what he’s doing, and where’s he is going. Welcome to the team Byron!


Quarterly Crunch – Q4 FY18/19

And just like that another year done. It’s time again for my Quarterly Crunch where we look at how the SAP market/Speller has performed over this last quarter (Q4) 18/19 financial year.

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Client Recruiter Relationship

The recruiter and client relationship is an important one and must be sustained not only throughout the recruitment process, but also day to day. We talk about why it’s so important in today’s blog.

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Reference Etiquette: A couple of reminders

If a potential employer is requesting references, then it’s a generally a good sign that things are headed in the right direction. At this stage, it’s imperative your relationship with your referee is healthy. Our guest blogger Vicki Milliken explains.

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The importance of Governance Data

Over the last five years we have realised data is a vital part of any business. It is the source from which your business operates and it can predict all manner of business outcomes. In the blog we talk about Data Governance and why it’s so important.

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End Of Financial Year Blog

It’s the time of year where misconceptions such as “the market is slowing down” are rumoured and contractors start to worry about being out of work. However, historically Speller has seen quite the opposite. Let’s break it down.

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A year in review: Brad Lister

It’s been over a year since Brad started at Speller so this week we sat down with him as he updated us on what he’s been up to, how he thinks the SAP world has changed and his predictions for the future.

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SAP News: The Success of SuccessFactors

It won’t come as a surprise when you read that SuccessFactors is thriving in the SAP market. Australia as a whole is screaming out for good people with all types of experience in SuccessFactors. Chris Oughton explains the impact it’s having on the market & what you should know.