The Speller Christmas Party 2019

On Thursday evening, the Peacock waits,
For thirsty Spellerites to drink with their mates
Up the stairs to the top to be greeted with glee,
With cocktails of red and green for thee

sap s4 hana, empty office

SAP S4 HANA- Why the slow uptake?

SAP S4 HANA. It’s the trendiest word in the SAP world yet it seems to be all talk, no action. Since its release in 2015 we’ve seen a trickle of projects in this space and whispers of large programs of work that are yet to come to fruition.

saug melbourne

SAUG Melbourne – The Wrap Up!

Last week was Melbourne’s turn to host the SAUG. The temperature hit 40 degrees outside but we were lucky enough to be inside the air-conditioned rooms of the MCC.

the sap market, having a coffeee break

The SAP market is quiet but don’t stress

There will be times when the market slows down. It may be caused by an upcoming election, an economy down-turn or based on the time of year. History tells us that when the SAP market slows, it’s generally not for long but what happens when it coincides with the end of your contact or career move?

year in review keely shay, interview

A Year in Review: Keely Shay

Keely Shay joined the Speller Team over a year ago as an SAP recruitment Consultant. Today we sat down with her and asked how the role is going, what’s changed in the SAP world and what’s in store for her in the new year, both personally and professionally. Let’s see what Keely had to say!

Speller Event – SAP S4 HANA Migrations

Following the coat tails of our successful breakfast events lead by our recruitment team, the beginning of October saw Speller launch their first client-focussed networking event. This event honed in on the subject of SAP S4 HANA Migrations both from a technical and a people/ structure point of view.

QuarterlyCrunch-Q1-2 image

Quarterly Crunch Q1 19/20

The first quarter of the 19/20 financial year is all wrapped up and Christmas is around the corner. It’s time again for my Quarterly Crunch where we look at how the SAP market and Speller has performed over this last quarter (Q1) the first of our quarters for the 19/20 financial year.

moving into management, hand shake

Moving into Management

Moving into management is generally a big step in a person’s career development. It’s an exciting and rewarding step but there are also many challenges that can come along with the added responsibility.

tidy desk, spring clean, linkedin profile

Spring clean your LinkedIn profile

Springtime has rolled around once again and it’s this time of year we all like to spring clean, but have you ever thought to spring clean your online professional presence? Specifically your LinkedIn profile.

A year in review: Luke Day

It has been a year since Luke began at Speller International, so today we’ve sat down with him and asked about his journey so far, what’s changed in the SAP world and what are his interests outside of Speller.