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To Change or not to Change?

Speller has always been a great supporter of the hard work that Change Managers and Training Consultants do within the SAP Community. But are we seeing the same love and appreciation across the rest of the market? Chris Oughton talks us through it!

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Quarterly Crunch – Q3 FY18/19

It’s time for the Quarterly Crunch where we look at how the SAP market & Speller has performed over this last quarter. What skill did we place most of? What skill was highly sort after? Is the SAP market hot… or not? Let’s have a look!

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We remember the ANZACS and what they taught us

Today we remember those who sacrificed their lives to fight for our country in the First World War. And as the sun rises, we are left remembering what they stood for and how they helped to shape the Australia we know today. Lest we forget.

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