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A year in review: Brad Lister

It’s been over a year since Brad started at Speller so this week we sat down with him as he updated us on what he’s been up to, how he thinks the SAP world has changed and his predictions for the future.

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SAP News: The Success of SuccessFactors

It won’t come as a surprise when you read that SuccessFactors is thriving in the SAP market. Australia as a whole is screaming out for good people with all types of experience in SuccessFactors. Chris Oughton explains the impact it’s having on the market & what you should know.

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3 ways a skilled SAP consultant can change their lifestyle

Autumn has come & gone but what it did bring were new plans, insights, & my reflections on the first half of the year. Old ways were put aside, giving room for new growth & opportunity. Mary Vidovich talks about all things ‘sea change’ in the SAP industry. Let’s take a look!

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