Tips and suggestions to improve your work - life balance

Posted on October 2023 By Speller International
Work Life Balance
Spring has sprung! 

Hopefully winter is long behind us, so we’ve been thinking about how to maximise longer, sunnier days and put the ‘spring’ back in your step! Here are some tips and tricks our teams are investing in to ensure we have that work-life balance and make the most of brighter days! 

  • Set boundaries and manage your time effectively. Make a distinction between your personal and professional. Make sure you allow yourself enough time that day to complete the tasks you need to and get the job done. This means you can switch off and unplug from work and fully focus on the personal. 

  • Take regular breaks, physical activity is a great way to manage stress – get yourself some vitamin D! Some of us at Speller have started yoga in our lunch breaks, go to the gym, go for a walk or run in the sunshine. Enjoy these warmer days and make the most of it – this will make you more productive and effective when you return to your desk.

  • Invest in your relationships and communicate, whether this be with your manager, clients or colleagues. If you find yourself struggling to disconnect speak up. Also don’t sit down in the meeting room, stretch your legs and get out the office. Your proven to be more effective working from a café, or outside your normal environment. Make the most of those brighter days, support local and get out from behind your desk!

  • Get away! We all need a break from time to time, utilise your annual leave – annual leave doesn’t always mean stepping on a plane. It can mean just ‘switching off’ at home, taking a break from work and disconnecting for day. Use these all important days to help maintain that work-life balance. 

  • Set Realistic Goals! In any other discipline you would train or break down a task in small chunks, we sometimes forget to do this in our professional life. Our recommendation is to break down your goals into smaller, achievable steps. You can also lean on your colleagues and managers to achieve this, they may have had a similar experience and have recommendations as to how best to reach your end goal. By breaking down the challenges into smaller steps it can help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and long term this will increase your sense of accomplishment. Set goals, be patient and achieve them! 

  • Volunteering and helping others are also a great ways to feel good! Here at Speller for example we support The Smith Family Charity, recently we have taken part in running 100km over June – not only was this a physical challenge which got us outside but we also raised over $4800. Helping others isn’t limited to charity work, help can come in many different forms, mentoring a more junior team member, or taking a candidate for a coffee and discussing some of their challenges. Anything where you can give someone a boost is going to contribute to your own sense of well-being and purpose. 

  • Finally, spring clean your LinkedIn! If you are looking to move on, are you being pro-active and selling your best self! This isn’t limited to your CV – yes your CV is important! Howeverdon’t underestimate what your LinkedIn, Seek profile and other professional sites are saying about you! Make sure your job dates are correct. References and recommendations are NOT to be underestimated – use former colleagues and managers to really give your profile a boost! Have your responsibilities changed? Have you received a promotion or completed a new qualification? So, give your profile and CV a spring clean and make sure you're representing your best professional self! 

With longer, warmer (hopefully) days ahead use this time for self-reflection and some life admin. A few changes to the way you go about things can really shake up your work – life balance for the better.