Hiring Managers - 5 tips to securing great candidates

Posted on June 2023 By Speller International
Hiring Tips

Recruitment is a critical process that every organisation goes through at some point. Finding the right talent for a job can be a daunting task, particularly with niche SAP skills and when time and resources are limited. 

Using a specialised recruitment and resourcing agency like Speller can assist the process. However, it is important for employers to know how to work with recruitment agencies to ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process for all parties involved. 

In this blog, we will explore tips and best practices that have led some of our clients to a successful outcome.

Top 5 tips for employers to ensure a successful outcome and easy process for candidates:

1. Know your company culture and benefits

Ensure all parties involved in the hiring process (interviewers, line managers, HR, agency representatives) can clearly articulate employee rewards and fringe benefits, culture and team building initiatives. An Employee Value Proposition document can help reinforce these in a consistent way and assist your recruiter in selling the opportunity to potential employees.

2. Be open to the recruiters insights

Be receptive to your recruiter's feedback, market insights and coaching on how to put your best foot forward as an employer in the view of a candidate. If your recruiter is a specialist like Speller, we would in excess of 500 SAP positions per year and have been working in this area for 22 years, so use the knowledge and IP at your disposal.

3. Understand your Candidates

Expect your recruiter to be able to articulate to you what drives and motives the candidates and what they do and don’t like about the role. Highlight areas that would align to the candidates' goals or career development during the interview process.

4. Move with Speed

Move quickly – interview candidates, provide prompt feedback, and ensure any hurdles that could get in the way of making an offer are removed prior to interviewing. If you want the candidate, put an offer forward as quickly as possible. The application and interview process are the candidates first impression of your company. A smooth and professional process is the candidates will leave a positive impression. On the flip side, a slow and overly complicated process can leave a negative impression.

5. Put your best offer forward

Understand market rates and salaries prior to getting new hire approvals. A good recruiter will have already negotiated with the candidate to the lowest salary they would happily accept upon submitting their CV to you. When making an offer, put your best foot forward by offering what the candidate is expecting

In conclusion, ensure open and honest communication with your recruiter, be receptive to market insights, and demonstrated a willingness to embrace the recruitment process to attract the best talent. Act quickly, offer a competitive remuneration package and commit to providing a positive candidate experience and your hiring process should run smoothly.

Have we missed any top tips? How have you found different recruitment processes? Comment via our Linkedin page