Mary's move to WA

Posted on March 2023 By Speller International

Last year Mary Vidovich moved to Perth, WA. We sit down with Mary to talk about the move, what the SAP landscape is like and what she hope she can bring to the SAP community in WA.

I moved to Perth a year ago! Being a natural born sand groper, I was going home, back to family and back to the sun and beach that I grew up with. From a work point of view, I wanted to bring my knowledge of the SAP market and Speller’s vast networks to clients in Perth.

What made you move to Perth?

To ‘mix things up’, set myself some challenges and goals with regards to my work. Speller have always had a small WA presence (albeit sporadically over the years), but I want to build on that and create a significant SAP network in the west.

Personally, I wanted to reconnect with my family and be there for them more; especially my little nieces!


What has been the best part about the move?

On the work front I’m lucky to get the chance to meet a whole new network of great people in the SAP community everyday, whether it be on the phone or in person. It’s all about the people!

From a personal point of view, the best part of the move was the ‘new adventure’ aspect of it, along with the great weather and access to great beaches.

The most challenging?

I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I was surprised to find out how long it would take to settle into a new city and get used to it and make it feel like home again. All good now.

Working with two different time zones is another challenge; I need to make sure I plan well for each week so I can give enough attention to existing and new clients.


What’s the SAP landscape like in Perth?

Most client using SAP in Perth are in the Mining, Oil and Gas and Utilities sectors so the landscape here is heavy Assets, EAM/ PM, PS, Finance. Of course, this is generalising, but the likes of Rio Tinto, BHP, Woodside, South 32 for example ensure there is a core stable of SAP Consultants in that Assets and Maintenance space.


What are the challenges that face clients/candidates in Perth?

The small pool of SAP resources is the main challenge. Most Perth clients prefer local resources, but the challenge is finding available consultants.

Large consulting companies are a big focus here due to the ability to mobilise resources quickly, whether they be offshore on onsite.

How do you hope to help both SAP clients and candidates based in Perth?

I’ve been working in the SAP market for nearly 18 years now, so I have a good grasp on market trends, current projects and in-demand skills. I hope that I can give Perth clients the same insights that I have been offering clients over east. I will also be able to offer Perth clients a wider network of SAP resources to draw upon.

Along the same lines, for Perth candidates I can provide them a more diverse range of options with regards to industries to work in and options to relocate to the east coast perhaps or work remotely from Perth for Eastern states clients.

Advice for people thinking of moving to Perth?

Get ready for some hot summers, a slightly more laid-back lifestyle and a great community feel!

Must see/do when you’re visiting?

  • All the beaches are beautiful so there’s plenty of choice if that’s what you’re into

  • There are wineries galore, not just in Margaret River, but in the metro area. The Swan Valley for example has heaps of wineries, breweries and restaurants/ cafes

  • Fremantle is a relaxed beachside Harbour with the Freo markets, Little Creatures brewery, a selection of cool wine bars and pubs and some top notch restaurants

  • Rottnest island must see. As I always say; Everyone needs a quokka in their life!

So if you work in SAP and live in Perth or thinking about a move to WA, get in touch with Mary today!