New Technology – SAP BTP

Posted on February 2023 By Speller International
Sap Btp

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a new solution that offers a suite of services and tools that have been brought together for a one stop shop. Jack Bland investigates this new technology.

One of the key benefits of SAP BTP is its ability to provide different programming languages, frameworks, and tools which were previously separate areas of expertise. Allowing developers to work in the environment they are most comfortable with, while still being able to take advantage of the scalability offered by the platform and offer value in other areas. This is the first time that all these have been combined into one space.

The four pillars BTP incorporates include;

  • Database and data management

  • Analytics

  • Application development and integration

  • Intelligent technologies

This will not replace specialist skills however the platform has some automation inbuilt that will allow companies and consultants to easily build on their core processes with new innovative solutions that can be delivered in a less time intensive and more concise manner.

In the Australian SAP market, some of the industries that have been quick to adopt SAP BTP in Australia are the manufacturing & retail sector. Retailers are using the platform to build and deploy new applications that help them to better manage their inventory, track customer behaviour, and optimize their supply chain. The platform's ability to integrate with various data sources, such as point-of-sale systems, customer data, and inventory management systems, has made it a popular choice for retailers.

Manufacturers are using the platform to build and deploy new applications that help them to optimize their production processes, track and manage their assets, and improve their supply chain visibility.

In conclusion, SAP BTP is a powerful new solution that when used properly can deliver innovative solutions quickly. We are seeing a number of companies deliver exciting new initiatives via the platform and we are expecting to see this as a key growth area over the course of 2023.