Congratulations to Australia's newest citizen - Amy

Posted on December 2022 By Speller International
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Amy has been part of the Speller team since January 2022. She has recently become an Australian citizen. This weeks blog we sit down with Amy to talk about what being an Australian means to her and more! 

Where are you from? 

Like a number of the Speller Team, I’m from the UK!I grew up all over the country but went to school in Cheltenham and attended the Universtity of Bournemouth.

When did you move to Australia? 

I came over in April 2015, firstly on a working holiday visa, setting out to explore Australia. I was fortunate enough to secure a role with a large company who sponsored me.

What made you stay? 

The lifestyle – I'm a very outdoors person and so is Australia!

What’s the most Australian thing you’ve adopted to your every day life? 

Aussie slang... eg – arvo, servo, brekky, avo, and one of my favourites - cactus!

Do you feel more Australian or British? Or can you be both? 

I feel I’m both; if you asked family/friends in the UK they’d say I’m Australian, but all my Aussie friends know me as a Brit.

What does being an Australian Citizen mean for you? 

It means for the first time in 7.5 years I can truly relax – no more worrying about visas/applications/being in limbo.

Tips/advice for anyone else thinking about moving to Australia?

Spend time in each major city to find what suits you – each has their own unique character. 

I lived in Perth for a year before moving to Melbourne and as much as I love Perth, Melbourne is more my style/vibe.

Tim-Tams or Penguins? 

Penguins – they come with jokes!