Speller reflects on the passing of the Queen

Posted on September 2022 By Speller International
Queen Elizabeth Funeral Union Jack

Many of us tuned in to the Queen’s funeral service last night. It was watched by approximately 4.1 Billion people around the world. The world mourned her death and reflected on her legacy and unparalleled commitment to the British people and commonwealth.

Speller is made up of almost 50% British citizens, some have dual citizenship now and all call Australia home. We spoke to a few of them this week to get their thoughts, views and reflections on what the Queen meant to them, what the Monarch and Commonwealth will look like going forward and how they feel about Charles becoming King.

How did you react to the news?

Jack Bland (JB) It is always sad to hear someone has passed away, although she was an old lady that I didn’t really know who lived a privileged life, I didn’t feel a deep sense of loss. I quite like the tradition of the royal family so I have been quite interested in the aftermath and seeing all of the UK come together for it has given me a sense of nostalgia for the homeland. Although she had a privileged life I wouldn’t swap my life for it and I think she has done a good job of being a calm, respectful and constant figure head for the UK over the years she was monarch.

Catherine Challes (CC) I certainly felt a profound sadness as the Queen was a constant growing up and that’s all a lot of us have ever known! It’s strange to think when we go home they’ll be new stamps, money and post-boxes, it all feels surreal.

Luke Day (LD) It was sad to hear but it didn’t affect me as much as I thought it would have. The Queen was the most consistent thing in all our lives and I did admire the way she conducted herself but as time has gone on I have found it harder to see the need for Kings & Queens in this day and age.

How do you feel about Charles becoming King?

JB - He has waited long enough!! I think he has conducted himself well in recent years and champions climate change which is a good thing. I think he will continue in a similar way to the Queen but I think he may be a little more outspoken on topics which he feels passionate about which the queen did not do.

CC - I feel the general consensus is that increasingly we are becoming disengaged with the monarchy as a country, I don’t know that they are in touch with the modern day or very relatable; as the next generation die out I think we’ll see less and less interest in the royal family.

LD - It is a strange feeling for me to watch someone become King in this modern world. I think the world is coming away from institutions like this so it will be interesting to watch the next few years unfold.

What do you think the impact will be for both the UK and commonwealth countries?

JB - I think some commonwealth countries may question the need for a monarch and may vote to become republics but it seems that generally the royal family is supported so I don’t think there will be a huge amount of change in the short term.

CC - I think there will be a long grieving period but long term companies will look to distance themselves now from the British crown I think we’ll see less unification.  

LD I personally believe a lot of commonwealth countries will try and use this as an opportunity to come away and be independent.