SAUG Summit Review

Posted on September 2022 By Speller International
Sauga Ug22

It was our first time back at a face to face SAUG Summit since 2019!! We have missed seeing our friends and wider SAP community and it was great to make it up for the biggest event in the SAUG calender. We also took the opportunity to catch up with some our Sydney network and it was great to see a few familiar faces that we have not seen for a few years.

Key ‘take homes’ from this year’s summit

The summit was split into some key areas focusing on Transformation, Financials, Optimisation, innovation, Data, security & Platforms / Tech. There were a number of interesting sessions from a diverse range of speakers across the Australian SAP landscape.


Data is becoming a key pillar of every business and their ability to make quick, agile decisions is becoming one of the biggest differentiators. Many of the discussions centred around data,


There were sessions on AI, we are not quite at Terminator just yet but until then SAP is starting to deliver value in this space and it seems much of the value is coming in automating repetitive tasks that humans are prone to mistakes, leaving humans to focus on areas where they can deliver more value.

Responding to change

Automating manual processes and being able to respond to new challenges quickly was a theme that came up in a number of presentations. In the post COVID role being able to respond to changes in your company is highly beneficial and having access to real time data where insights and innovations can be quickly derived is a key differentiator.

Supply Chain

During the pandemic there were serious disruptions to global supply chains. There were some interesting sessions from CSR & SANA on how SAP can be used to improve supply chain issues and deliver better customer experiences.

What new technologies are on the radar?  

SAP Signavio were at the event which is a new product that SAP recently acquired. Signavio enables companies to improve and map business processes, there was an interesting session run by DalRae solutions highlighting how Signavio and BTP was used in conjunction to help deliver innovation and automation across invoicing processes.

SAP BTP is a unified platform which brings together Data, Analytics and Intelligent Technologies in one environment. This is a relatively new solution from SAP which allows for innovation across the aforementioned areas.

What’s your advice to SAP consultants on the direction of SAP this year?

It’s going to be a busy year so be open to new opportunities! Jump at any opportunity to work on S4 or any associated cloud products. The new skills are becoming harder to find with a lack of immigration, so it is an excellent opportunity to carve out a niche for yourself.​