Speller's Winter Wonderland Party

Posted on June 2022 By Speller International
Kh 015 Speller  090622
​On a blustery night, when the rain sweeps the city,
A congregation occurs for the Speller committee.
For an event that has waited, and waited some more
Comes the Winter Wonderland Party, with drinks set to pour
For the time had now come, to say ‘hey’ face to face
See friends old and new, give hugs and embrace
The Party was here, and the wait was now over
To celebrate with you all, always worth a hangover
We wanted to say THANK YOU to all that came,
Who weathered the storm, the wind and the rain
For without you, there would be no meaning, to all that we do
To finally catch up and have fun made us all here feel brand new
So, until the next party, in 6 months or more
We will be waiting to see you all, strutting your stuff, on the Speller dance floor