SAUG Canberra Conference

Posted on March 2022 By Speller International
Virtual Conference

Thursday’s SAUG Canberra was held digitally, with some of our Account Management team attending the webinars and talks throughout the day from their homes in Melbourne. Brad Lister has summarized the day for us.  


This was my first Canberra SAUG and I must say it is slightly different, as many of you would know it focuses in more on the specific challenges and opportunities presented in our federal government space, whilst also exploring learnings from the private sector clients and product offerings from vendors.

This SAUG data, storage and security within the cloud took centre stage as we explored how Government agencies are exploring S4HANA and some of the challenges around cloud storage and in its relation to legislation interpretations. We heard from Services Australia for Govt. ERP and Department of Finance for SDO explaining their approach and the advantages of the centralized services for the Australian Public, 

Key take away:
Data protection within the cloud is causing significant challenges for Government, as technology is moving faster then policy and legislation can keep up, this is causing challenges to setting strategic road maps.
Cost management around cloud storage is becoming an increasingly large issue as customers move from traditional pricing to the new data usage pricing, companies will need to look closer at their underlying data, and what is needed in the cloud and what can sit off to the side. 

There is significant investment from the Federal Government into SAP, and it will require the full breadth of SAP skill sets to successfully implement the plans they have presented; the future is bright for SAP consultants across the country.