Robots versus Humans

Posted on October 2021 By Speller International
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Machine learning has been a hot topic for some time but as an SAP supplier across Australia and New Zealand, we are not yet seeing the uptake of the technology impacting the skills required in the market.

While Big Data, IoT, Data Science and Analytics are often mentioned, the conversation is still focused on the technology rather than what it actually means for the positions that will be required in the future.

The article by Dan Wellers and Dirk Jendroska in the link below is a great read when it comes to educating companies on the ‘human side of machine learning’ rather than the ‘machines’ replacing the human job functions.

This is an important point to make when it comes to driving and embedding this technology into your business – people will naturally push back if there is no clear plan of what it means for the future of their roles and how it can help them, rather than replace them.

Many of the roles we work with at Speller are business-related, such as Business Analysts, Change Managers, and Business Process Architects. It would be nice to see some of these roles starting to appear for the ‘machine learning’ projects as that would indicate a certain level of maturity on ensuring the success of these technologies and how they complement a business function rather than replace it!