What candidates should expect from their recruiter

Posted on June 2021 By Speller International
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You’re confident in your ability– but how do you know if your recruiter is an expert? Read on: we’ve identified key traits to look for in a recruiter.


Communication skills

Listening, understanding, and asking questions are vital skills for recruiters. Top recruiters adapt their communication styles for candidates who come from myriad backgrounds. Make sure your recruiter really understands what you want. 

Knowing the market

SAP specialist recruiters should have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to new projects, trending skills, and emerging technologies. They know the clients and are across upcoming hiring needs. You should consider if your recruiter adds value by giving you great advice on what training you should be doing, suggesting you research certain organisations, and the types of roles you should be seeking.


Do you have the sense that your recruiter is being straight with you? If you miss out on a role, you need to be told why, without sugar coating. You need empathetic but constructive feedback. It is important for a recruiter to ask you the right questions and be honest in their responses.

Remember that recruiters need honesty from candidates as well. Be straight up if you don’t want a role in the suburbs or in a certain industry, for instance –otherwise the hiring manager, the recruiter and you are all wasting time.

Acting with a sense of urgency

A great recruiter shouldn’t hesitate when they see a role that is right for you. They schedule interviews quickly and change priorities as needed. By the same token though, speed isn’t always in the recruiters’ control. Organisations can and do have other priorities and can change their minds about urgency. A good recruiter will always keep you updated.



Candidates should feel their recruiter is approachable, reliable, and trustworthy. Recruiters should follow through when they commit to a meeting, a deadline, or a return call. If you haven’t heard back by the time you are supposed to, you should feel comfortable about calling or emailing to check in.

The personal touch

It’s not as easy as it used to be – thanks so much, COVID – but a star recruiter is usually keen to meet in person at some stage in the recruiter-candidate relationship. While that may not always be possible (distance, for example), being willing to chat via Zoom or Teams is a great alternative. Top recruiters also remember important personal information about candidates and are up for a chat about a candidate’s latest hike, new baby, or Netflix binge.


Being open to diverse candidates

SAP candidates are a diverse bunch, with a range of professional and cultural backgrounds. Good recruiters can help candidates land roles by reviewing and tailoring CVs, coaching in workplace culture, and preparing candidates for interviews. If you have personal circumstances– such as caring responsibilities or a disability - that mean you need to work from home, a good recruiter will understand and help you find role with an appropriate organisation.


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