Bouncing back from redundancy

Posted on June 2021 By Speller International
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​In today’s blog, a team member talks openly about her experience with redundancy and how she regained her confidence thanks to a contract at Speller International. While the SAP market is booming, we know many other industries are not in the same position, especially due to the pandemic – we hope our advice can help

You might have heard that being made redundant is right up there with the death of a spouse, divorce, and a jail sentence on the list of top 10 most stressful life events. 

I learnt that for myself after a shock redundancy email on the Friday before a long weekend a couple of years ago. I loved my job and it was a role I expected would take me through to retirement. Redundancy had not even crossed my mind. The business was doing well, I was working hard, and had a great relationship with my clients.

The news was devastating on several levels, but mostly because it felt like I was being forced into a divorce. I had to come to terms with the reality that I was – and had been for many years - struggling to separate my personal identity from my professional one. What would I be without my career?

I took time out for a couple of months to work through the shock. I did the things you are meant to do when you are a jobseeker – updated my resume and social media profiles, applied for a few roles, and reached out to my network. But my heart wasn’t in it. I was going through the textbook stages of grief – anger, fear, anxiety, sadness – and I had to let myself work through each one.

While I am not an SAP consultant or recruiter, Speller International was my saviour. I’d worked with Speller about eight years earlier and the company contacted me about a short contract - just for a few weeks – to help during a particularly busy time. Almost two years later, I am about to move back to my former career.

Speller International has helped me recover from the distress of my first – and hopefully last – redundancy. I’ve regrouped, regained my confidence, and have bounced back, more than a little wiser.

The pandemic has meant redundancy has changed many lives since early 2020 and I recognise that I’ve been quite lucky. Many in other industries are finding themselves in unexpected and challenging situations.

People who have been made redundant should be easy on themselves – take time to recover and re-energise – exercise, garden, do some online or face-to-face study, take a holiday if you can, and spend time with your family and friends. Bring routine back in your day to ward off depression – get up, shower, go to a café.I guarantee it will help.

Lastly, remember that sometimes you need to endure a few doors being slammed in your face to end up where you need to be.

Where to turn for practical help 

There is plenty of help for people who have been made redundant or lost their jobs for other reasons.

Naturally, money is a key concern for most people. Ensure that you are receiving the correct redundancy payment – this will depend on the conditions of your employment, so it’s best to talk to your employer. You can use Fair Work Ombudsman’s redundancy calculator to work out your entitlements. You can also check the Australian Tax Office for information.

If you feel anxious or depressed, talk to your doctor or to an organisation such as Beyond Blue or Lifeline.

And hang in there – better times are around the corner.

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