5 Advantages of Working Exclusively with One Agency

Posted on April 2021 By Speller International
Working With One Agency

Finding the right person for a role is never an easy task, however engaging a recruitment agency to help is often the best course of action.

But do you send the role out to multiple agencies or do you work exclusively with one? There are benefits to both, although, working exclusively with one agency often provides better outcomes. This is why.

Clear & Consistent Messages

Often when a role is released to more than one agency, the most sort after candidates are contacted by multiple agencies resulting in representation issues and a messy first impression. This can cause delays and conflict and hinder the chances of securing the best person for the role.

However, working with one agency can ensure that prospective candidates receive consistent information about your company, clearly understand the role and move into the interview stages with confidence.

That Extra Effort

An agency that has an exclusive role know that their probability of placement is higher than in a competitive or panel environment. Therefore, this allows the agency to commit more time, money, energy and resources to promoting the job and working the role.

This extra effort will result in quicker placement and better delivery, and also presents an opportunity to promote your company’s brand and reach a larger audience in the niche market.

Business Knowledge

Working exclusively with one agency gives both parties the opportunity to better understand the EXACT requirements and objectives of the role, the project and the organisation. This allows the recruiter to have more in-depth conversations with the candidates, sell the organisation and the opportunity and provide a well-suited candidate who is fully prepared for the role.

Working with the same recruiter for numerous roles also benefits the organisation as it creates a strong working relationship where the recruiter is across the business and understands the company culture.

The Price Tag

Often agencies will agree to a reduction in their margin to work roles exclusively. Why? This is because the probability for success for both parties is a lot higher, therefore reducing risk, and ultimately saving the client money.

Forming Strong Working Relationships

One of the most rewarding advantages from an agency point of view, is forming strong friendships and working relationships between client and recruiter. When a company uses the same agency to fill roles over a long period of time, naturally strong bonds are formed. This not only benefits the client and recruiter, but candidates also reap the benefits of a smooth, easy and friendly exchange.

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