4 ways Speller International has changed in 2021

Posted on March 2021 By Speller International
Changes At Speller

For a lot of people, 2020 was the year of change, and Speller International has been no exception to that.

As a company we have had to evolve, and we have implemented some changes to assist the whole team in staying happy and healthy throughout 2021. Here are some of the changes we have put in place for 2021.

Working from home

Prior to 2020, Speller did not have any permanent working from home options. Last year showed us that it is possible to work from home and still be successful. So, this year, we have moved to a permanent 2 days from home, 3 days in the office model. So far this has proved to be very successful and given the whole team more flexibility to spend extra time with their families and save time on the office commute.

Office BBQs

Although last year we were able to remain successful in our sales, we did miss out on our team bonding experiences. In 2021 it was decided that we would have regular team BBQs for lunch, giving us time to relax, spend time together and step away from our desks. We are lucky enough to have a large balcony over-looking Melbourne’s CBD, so our new BBQ has had plenty of use already!

Personal Training

Physical health is more important now than ever, so from the start of the year the Speller team have had the option to do group personal training sessions every Wednesday at lunch. This has been running for several weeks now and has been a great team activity for those that want to get involved. It not only will help us stay physically fit but also is another way to spend more time together as a team.

Mental Health Support & Training

2020 was a challenging year and for a lot of us, our mental health was not as strong as usual. Coming into 2021 it was important for the Speller team to have extra support to ensure that we can stay strong mentally. For those that do not need the extra support, there is mindfulness training and coaching sessions that can be utilised instead. These sessions are all optional, however, they are there to help with our mental health if we wish.

Speller International has worked hard this year to implement change so that we can not only perform well at our roles, but that we are mentally prepared for any personal or professional challenges that may come our way in 2021. The Speller team has really evolved over the past 12 months and we are excited to see where the next 12 months takes us.

If your work place has recently implemented change to help improve their employee’s physical and mental health, we would love to hear how it has helped you and your colleagues.

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