Team bonding & why it’s so important in 2021

Posted on February 2021 By Speller International

When hiring an employee for a role, it is important that they are not only skilled, but that they fit in with the team. Why? Because the quality of the relationships between colleagues can determine the success of a team. However, in 2020, this changed.

Working remote roles meant that team interactions were limited to screens, and bonding… well, not much of that was really going on at all.

Now that the majority of Australians are spending more or most of their time back inside the office, the support of your colleagues and your own support to them is key. This is where team bonding comes into effect.

So how can you improve the bond between a team when they have spent so much time apart? One way is to socialise both at work and in your personal lives. What may seem like an insignificant chat or an after work beer is actually valuable in gaining a better understanding of your colleagues’ personality and communication style. Good communication between colleagues can drive personal performance.

At Speller International we encourage regular discussions, ask each other how we can assist, and how we will solve certain issues at hand. These meetings mean each person gains a stronger understanding of each other’s personal requirements and goals, as well as business requirements and goals.

What can employers do?

How can you improve the bond in your workplace? Here are some simple ideas you can do to ensure the bonding of your team;

  • Hold events during business hours to discuss performance statistics, future goal planning, achievements, and development

  • Have reward days if you reach certain goals

  • Implement a social committee and hold regular out of hours functions

  • Encourage morning teas or casual Friday’s

These casual interactions allow employees to relax and open up to their work mates. You can learn about what drives them, what excites them, and generally what they’re like. It is also a great way to develop a sense of fun and team spirit that will be carried back into the office. This is important in 2021 so you can get a good understanding of how your team has dealt with 2020 and what support you may need to provide.

What can employees do?

Make an effort. You’ll never gain strong connections within the office if you don’t make an effort to mingle. It doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your time chatting in the lunchroom, however you do need to put yourself out there. Ask a colleague to lunch, grab coffees during breaks, or walk to the train station together. Start small.

These interactions go a long way in the development of personal relationships and gaining a strong understanding of each other. This knowledge may give you the important insight you need to adapt your style and communication when dealing with different personalities in your team. Plus, you never know, one day they may end up being your closest group of friends.

What is the overall effect of team bonding?

Unfortunately, 2020 meant the only real opportunity to bond was via ‘teams.’ However reconnecting within the office in 2021 means that employees can once again chat at the coffee machine.

Once a team has bonded well, communication within the office becomes easier and these personal understandings can be useful in preparing yourself for how another team member deals with a situation. It can not only improve performance, but it can also create respect within a team.

Most importantly from a business perspective, you will find that work becomes a more enjoyable place to be which usually results in better performance. All of which points to a more successful and effective team relationship.

In summary, as an employer, take the opportunity this year, to reconnect your team and allow them to spend time outside of the office to understand each other’s personalities. And from an employee’s perspective, spend time with each other in 2021. You’ll not only benefit professionally, you’ll benefit personally too.

Have you gained personal insights into your team members which made communication easier? Let us know your thoughts on team bonding.

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