The Speller International Christmas Party 2020

Posted on December 2020 By Speller International
Speller Christmas 2020

As the years draws nigh, relief surrounds the team,
To put this year behind us, this year the bad dream.

The team all draw together, a rare occurrence of late,
To exchange Secret Santa’s and to drink and celebrate.

For tonight we get to party, our Christmas party arrives
To the CBD we head for cocktails and Game O 5’s.

We arrive at the aptly named the ‘whisky room’
To enjoy an array of cocktails, upon cocktails and celebrate


As we all raise a glass, to the year that never was,
We can all appreciate the year, and each other, so we applause.

But although the party was much needed, one thing remained true
Was all our clients and contractors – the thing that was missing was YOU!

So Merry Christmas from the Speller Team, we hope to see you all soon
And maybe this time next year, we all will be immune 😊


Happy Holiday's from the Speller International Team.

Keep safe and we will see you in 2021!!