Interview feedback & how it can help you succeed

Posted on November 2020 By Speller International
Interview Feedback

As recruiter’s we hear all about interview feedback and the truth is, it varies greatly from candidate to candidate. However, there are some lines of feedback from employer’s that are common.

In this blog we discuss common interview feedback and how to use it to your advantage.

“You were great but we went with a stronger candidate”

If you receive this line of feedback, request more specific information. How did the other candidate stand out? Was it a certain skill? You may like to ask if there is something you could do to make you more attractive in the future, such as up skill or diversify. If you seem confident and willing to rise to the challenge, they will remember you if another role comes up in the future.

“You don’t have experience in the area we require”

In this case you may want to ask if it was a lack of industry specific experience. For example, are you a strong Functional Consultant but they need Techno Functional? Use this feedback as a moment of reflection. Think about your qualifications, the job description and the questions asked in the interview and search for any signs that suggest that it wasn’t quite the right role for you.

“You did not answer our questions”

When asked a question in an interview you should always follow the STAR principal. This will mean that you will clearly and concisely explain the scenario so the interviewee can understand how you work. It’s important that you answer all the questions they ask. So, what’s the STAR method?

Situation: Explain the project/ environment
Task: What you needed to accomplish
Action/s: What you did to get to the result.
Result: Make sure you summarise the result from your actions taken

“You were over our budget”

In this instance, potentially there were similar candidates under consideration and the only way to separate the 2 was with cost. Keep this in mind when deciding a rate or salary. Whilst it is only natural to want the highest remuneration possible, consider the market and your potential competition when making this decision. Weigh up the role, the perks, the office culture and whether or not you’re willing to budge on the rate to get the position.

“I didn’t get any feedback at all”

Many companies have a policy of not providing feedback to candidates, as it opens them up to litigation. It could be as simple as that. Ask at the start of your interview if feedback will be provided, and set your expectations early so you’re not disappointed if you don’t receive it.

Consider the above common feedback when applying for roles, and think about your own experiences. Could your feedback help you improve and have a better chance at securing the next role? It’s likely. So, don’t be disheartened, employer’s provide feedback to help you grow and help you with the next opportunity that comes your way. You never know, the next role could be perfect for you!

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