SAC: What is it & how can it help you?

Posted on September 2020 By Speller International
Sap Cloud

There are often new tools and platforms hitting the market, claiming to make life easier and more simplified for business owners. This week we are delving into SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

So what is it? This a SaaS solution, combining multiple analytics functionalities into the one product through a single user interface. This tool offers not only data and reporting capabilities, but analysis of the data, providing valuable customer information to assist with predicting customer needs and market trends.

So how can it help business outcomes? We explain how.

What does SAP Analytics Cloud bring to the SAP Landscape?

SAC is a flexible addition to the SAP analytics landscape, bringing real-time access to the data within SAP via complex interfaces. For the user, it offers fast, fuss-free detailed reports across all business areas and the ability to create bespoke reports that cater to your company’s needs.

The beauty of SAC is that it combines general reporting capabilities with predictive abilities including a planning function; all in the one product. This ‘all in one’ is the key driver that separates SAC from other similar analytics systems who may offer all of these features, but in separate products.

So, what does it bring to Companies?

In a nutshell, SAC brings greater flexibility to a business. Flexibility in accessing, visualising and planning your market strategies based on its predictive capabilities.

The intuitive user interface tool has the ability to access SAP and non-SAP data to give a better overall view of your business and how it’s performing. The product also has a handy mobile app (ios version) so you can access data anywhere, anytime.

SAC is not only for large organisations. Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from SAC’s capabilities too.

The key benefits of SAC you must know?

Business Intelligence. Evaluate and predict business performance based on market research and customer evidence.

Better ways to work. SAC prompts you to find better ways of viewing your data and gives you multiple ways of sorting, maintaining and manipulating your data. This, in turn, can assist in planning and strategising to get the most out of your ROI.

Maximise analytics. AI technology helps you to gain business insights in less time. Check sales revenues, employee performance, and really focus on specifics.

Further insights. Combine SAC with cloud solutions like SuccessFactors, Ariba and SAP Hybris to gain further insight into your business, from process management to customer experience.

Collaborate.SAC makes it easier for colleagues to collaborate on projects and tasks, allowing you to share information, prioritise work, track progress and comments therefore keeping everyone in the loop.

SAC enables businesses to work more effectively and efficiently so they can capitalise on the predictive capabilities on the platform. With a program this savvy, businesses will soon have the ability to become more fluid and adaptable to take full advantage of this kind of intelligence.

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