Imposter syndrome & how to overcome it

Posted on September 2020 By Speller International
Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever had that feeling? It’s a tightness in the chest, a nagging feeling that you’re not good enough for a role or don’t deserve the promotion.

You’re more than qualified and have work hard for each opportunity, yet you still devalue your worth.

This is known as imposter syndrome and unfortunately, it’s a common feeling in the workplace. However, there are ways to overcome it and in this blog we discuss how.

Know the signs

Holding yourself to unobtainable high standards, finding it hard to accept praise and the fear of failure, are common signs that imposter syndrome has crept in. Acknowledging these feelings gives you a better chance of overcoming it, so it’s important to take this first step and know the signs.

Positive affirmation

Talk yourself up… to YOURSELF! I know it may seem unnatural, but research suggests positive affirmation can have a powerful effect on how you see yourself. So, give yourself a compliment. You deserve it!

Failure doesn’t make you a fraud

Don’t confuse the two. Everyone makes mistakes, even those who are at the top of their game. This doesn’t mean you don’t deserve what you have nor does it make you a fraud. Own the mistake and move on!

You don’t always need to know the answers

Not knowing all the answers can make you feel like a sham but this shouldn’t be the case. If you don’t know an answer you have every right to ask someone. Don’t live by the misguided rules like, ‘You need to know all the answers’ or ‘Never ask for help.’ After all, we’re only human.

Learn to reward yourself

Don’t dismiss the feelings that you’ve done a good job. You’ve worked hard and you deserved that promotion, so validate your own worth by stopping and patting yourself on the back. You don’t need to wait for someone else to do it. Go on, give yourself that pat!

Fake it ‘til you make it

Don’t wait until you feel confident to start putting yourself out there. If you continue to shy away from opportunities from fear of failure, you’ll never grow. Confidence comes from taking risks, failing and learning from the process.

Imposter syndrome is common, but it can hinder your progress in the workplace. So, it’s time to take control of those thoughts and find a way to cope with imposter syndrome.

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