Guess Who: Match the Pet & Owner

Posted on September 2020 By Speller International

It has been a tough 2020 for many Australian's. However, through these challenging times there has been one constant. Our pets.

They love us unconditionally and, while across Melbourne in particular, we can't wait for things to go back to 'normal', our pets are lapping up the final months of having their owners home all day long.

At times, our pets have helped us get through rough patches, cheered us up when we are down, and nuzzled against us during winter nights.

So, in today's blog we take a look at the pets of Speller International and ask you to guess who owns which fury friend.

Hi, I'm Walter! Can you guess my owner?

We're Milly, Molly & Missy. Call us the 3 M's! Do you know who owns us?
Grit's my name! Do you know who owns me?
I'm Khaleesi and I love the park. Do you know who takes me every day?
I'm Ben and cuddles are my favourite. Guess who loves me most!
Disco and Kevin here! Guess who our owner is.

​Do you know which Speller Team member own which fury friend? If you know, comment on our LinkedIn page and let us know if you have a pet that's keeping you company during lockdown!