Cloud Wars: SAP Ariba vs Coupa

Posted on September 2020 By Speller International
Sap Ariba Coupa

This is the third in our series of blogs comparing the SAP Cloud product to its non-SAP counterpart. This week we looked at two procurement systems: SAP Ariba versus Coupa.

Both products are designed to help businesses of varying sizes manage procurement and expenditure, but like many platforms, there is no one size fits all. So, let’s start at the beginning and take a look at the main differences.

What is SAP Ariba?

This cloud-based procurement platform caters for both buyers and suppliers. Its growth since SAP bought it in 2012 has seen businesses of all sizes implement this system for its ability to effectively and efficiently connect businesses with trading partners across the globe.

What is Coupa?

Coupa is designed to help businesses have full control and visibility over their spending. This platform supports global operation and is commonly used in manufacturing, education, consumer packaged goods, retail and a wide range of other industries.

Both platforms offer businesses a wide range of benefits, however it comes down to the user, the implementation and which product is ‘best fit’ for the business. Here are a few side by side comparisons of the two systems.

What have you got that I don’t?


SAP Ariba is a user-friendly platform and intuitive design that is quick and easy to learn, even with limited procurement knowledge. Although, sometimes it can take time to load, especially when opening multiple windows under the same browser.

Coupa has an intuitive design that looks and feels the same across every module. It features full mobility so you can access the platform when you’re on the move, from your device. Yet, access from your device has only limited functionality.


Given that SAP Ariba is an SAP product, it integrates exceptionally well with other SAP products, making it the obvious choice for companies already using SAP. However, it can be relatively complex to setup.

Coupa can be integrated with other software providers through its API, including ERP software, accounts payable software and financial tools. And it can even integrate with your Apple Watch, if you have one! Although, Coupa has had some complaints of reporting issues after integration.


Both SAP Ariba and Coupa offer a variety of features that can be tailored to your businesses needs. When you implement either of these products, they come customised specifically to your business, with more features and add-ons available if required.

Both platforms have features and benefits that make processes within procurement simpler to use, easier to connect, with more control than ever for businesses.

We want to know your experience with SAP Ariba and Coupa. Feel free to comment on our LinkedIn page to let us know the pros and cons of these products from your point of view.

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