How to Get the Most Out of Your SAP Recruiter Now

Posted on August 2020 By Speller International
Get The Most Out Of Your Recruiter

You can get the most out of job opportunities and be in the best position for a new role if you create the right relationship with your recruiter. But how?

Use your recruiter to plan ahead or to get the heads-up on SAP roles. A change in your mindset can open up a range of possibilities for your career.

Keep in Touch

Feel free to call your preferred recruitment consultant about once a month. They usually like a chat and they’ll know about upcoming projects that need resources. Aside from that, you can build a bond and be front of mind when the right role comes in. You want your name to be top of the list when they’re looking to fill a role.

Know the market

Most recruiters keep stats of market trends and they can give you current information on your particular skill and the demand for that skill. They’ll also know the months of high or low demand and the best time to start looking for the next contract. The more information you have the easier it will be for you to make decisions about your career. All you have to do is ask.

Know & understand your value

You know the salary expectation you have for yourself, but you may not know if it’s realistic. Recruiters know the current rates and salaries and what companies are prepared to pay. They can guide you so you know what your value is and if the expectation is appropriate. Don’t put yourself out of the running with a salary or rate that’s unreasonable. Yet, don’t undervalue your skills.

Do you need to upskill?

Find out if your skills are up to date. Is there any training you can do to upskill or to complement your current abilities? Ask your recruitment agent what training may help you or find out if your current skills are phasing out or ramping up in the current market. This can keep you prepared, ahead of the game and in prime position for the best opportunities.

Recruiters will work for you and do the best they can, but be proactive. Your career can benefit from a good relationship with your SAP recruiter, and hey, you may even make a friend out of it!

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