Scott Anstey’s 10 years at Speller International

Posted on July 2020 By Speller International
10 Years Speller Interview

Speller’s SAP Recruitment Consultant, Scott Anstey, is part of the furniture at Speller International, and his recent 10 year work anniversary has made that even more evident.

This week, in celebration of Scott and his dedication to Speller International, we interviewed him for a little more insight into his world inside and outside of the Speller office.

How did you end up working at Speller all those years ago? Can you paint a picture of what it was like back then?

A friend of mine who I used to work with was doing some casual work at Speller. When Nick asked if he knew anyone who would be interested in a resourcing role, he got in contact with me and 7 interviews and 10 years later I’m still here.

7 interviews? Really?

Nick was very thorough back in the day and the good thing was a couple of those interviews involved going to the pub and having beer with the team.

Has your role been what you thought it would be when you started at Speller, or were there some aspects that took you by surprise?

The biggest thing that has taken me by surprise is the friendships I’ve made, not only with the other Spellerites but also with the candidates that I’ve dealt with over the years.

This includes people I’ve met in the wider SAP community like at SAUG’s, Speller Christmas parties etc…

In your opinion how has the SAP industry changed over the past ten years? And what would you say the biggest change is?

Like all technologies, things change rapidly and in recent years the move to more cloud-based offerings has probably been the biggest change I’ve seen. 10 years ago, when I started at Speller, a cloud was just a white fluffy thing in the sky. The other big change for me was that I had hair when I started!!

What do you like about recruiting in the SAP space?

It’s really rewarding to fill roles that candidates are genuinely excited about. I love that over the years I’ve be fortunate to have candidates that have contracted through me on numerous occasions.

I also enjoy placing people who I’ve have had a long standing relationship with and finally have the opportunity to put them in their dream role. There are still a lot of great consultants that I’m yet to work with. I’ll fix that during the next 10 years.

What roles do you love to work and why?

Interesting question. I would probably have to say SAP FI/CO and Finance related roles. I’ve probably worked more of these roles over the last 10 years and I have built a really great network and solid rapport with this group.

Obviously, I need to work across all SAP technologies and I love the variety that brings.

What has been the biggest challenge for you over the past ten years at Speller?

I would have to say the challenge we are facing now with Covid-19. Personally, it was a massive challenge to start working remotely as I have a really great bunch of people who I work with which makes going to work is heaps of fun.

I’m missing the interaction and collaboration and I also you miss out on bouncing ideas off the other guys. Professionally it goes without saying that the market has taken a real hit at the moment, so opportunities aren’t as plentiful as they once were.

What is an unexpected gain from your time at Speller?

Lifelong friendships, the group I currently work with and those that have left I would class as genuine friends not just work colleagues. I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge both within the SAP world and also the commercials of how a business is run. I’ve come a long personally since I was working at K-Mart in Rowville as a young whipper-snapper.

What’s in store for you going forward and what are you focusing on professionally in 2020?

This year is very different to other years, professionally I would like to continue to help people find jobs in this challenging time. I want to continue to keep across the ever-changing technologies in the SAP space as well.

What does 2020 hold for you personally?

I did have a beautiful 6-week European summer holiday booked (utilising my long service leave) but that has now had to go on the back-burner. Hopefully I can do that in 2021!

Where do we find you in your downtime?

Generally, on the weekends you will find me at the football cheering on my beloved Tigers. I enjoy going to the pub for a beer or 2 and love getting away with my mates for weekend adventures down the peninsular or in the county.

Congratulations Scott. Everyone at Speller International wishes you another great 10 years ahead!

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