How To ‘Ace’ Your Video Interview

Posted on July 2020 By Speller International
Video Interview Tips

For now, the days of meeting your potential employer face to face are behind us, and interviews via video call are the new ‘norm.’ Although they seem vastly different, the concept is the same.

However, there are a few additional things to consider before commencing your first video call interview that can put you in front of your competition. Here they are;

Look the part

Although you are meeting over a video call, looking the part is just as important. First impressions still count, and it’s a sign of respect to your interviewer if you put effort into how you present.

If you don’t know the company dress code, then it’s always best to dress in business attire. Another important note is to make sure you are dressed up from head to toe, not just the top half. You never know what can happen in an interview, and you do not want to be caught sitting in your underwear should the camera unexpectedly face down! Doh!

Prepare your interview space

Find somewhere in your house with the least amount of background distractions. If possible, a blank wall or office area is ideal, however if you are restricted to your kitchen or dining area, remove any unnecessary distractions prior to commencing the interview. This includes asking your family members not to walk through the area while the interview is underway and moving your pets into other areas of the home.

Silence is golden! Ensure you are set up away from noise distractions such as appliances or outdoor noise. Any extra noise in an interview call can hinder your chances of perfecting the interview.

Test the equipment

Even if you have used the technology before for video calls, always do a quick test run prior to your official interview. Most video platforms will allow you to sign in to test your camera and microphone, or an even better alternative is to ask a friend to have a call with you beforehand.

If possible, try to have some backup options available to you in case something goes wrong in the interview. For example, an extra set of headphones with a microphone attachment or a video call app on your phone. If all else fails, ensure your mobile phone is nearby (on silent of course) with full charge if a last-minute switch to a phone interview is required.

Make eye contact

Making eye contact seems like an obvious one, however this is much harder to do over a video call compared to real life. It is natural to want to look around at everything on your interviewer’s screen or around at your own surroundings, however during a video interview this can come across as looking distracted or disinterested.

A good tip to ensure you’re keeping eye contact is to stick a note under your webcam as a reminder to look there instead of at the picture of yourself on the screen. It may seem like a small thing, but this can make a big difference in how you are perceived!

Make notes on paper

Lastly, make sure all your notes are written down on a notepad instead of on another screen on your computer. Having to toggle between screens in the middle of an interview to look at notes is less than ideal, so write them all down beforehand and have a pen handy for any extra information from the interview you need to remember.

Of course, there are many other tips to consider while preparing for an interview, such as background research on the company and preparing examples, however these points are a necessary addition to your regular interview preparation in order to succeed in the virtual world.

Good luck!

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