How to effectively add value to your online network

Posted on June 2020 By Speller International
How To Effectively Add Value To Your Network

Maintaining and expanding your networks has never been more important. With the world on pause, networking has become a difficult task, with opportunities to connect in person diminishing rapidly since the global outbreak.

So, how can you continue to establish and nurture relationships when our opportunity to meet face to face may be several months away? You can provide value to the people in your network via your online and social networks.

Here’s a few suggestions;

Engage often

Online networking platforms such as LinkedIn are valuable ways to connect while working remotely. It allows professionals in the same industry with similar interests or passions to engage and bounce off one another. So, do it. And do it often. Scan LinkedIn for people who are thought leaders in your field and who create content that speaks to you. If you feel confident enough, send them a message and let them know.

Commenting on other people’s content can spark ideas, create engaging conversation and provide information others can learn from – just one comment could be the beginning of a valuable professional relationship.

Publish an article

Think about your industry and consider a topic you feel passionate about. It may be a topic that answers the questions of those in your network facing the same challenges. Create an article to publish on your digital channels. Providing free information on a topic you specialise in can help you connect, help support and engage with your network.

Start blogging

If you are an expert in your field and don’t already have an established blog, now is the time to start one. There are several free platforms that can help you do this, but make sure you’re committed. Create a regular content schedule, stick to it and ensure you promote your new blog through your social channels. A niche blog can really elevate your career if executed professionally.

Attend virtual events

With physical distancing protocols currently in place, it’s obviously not possible to attend industry events and conferences in person. However, a lot of peak bodies have shifted their events to a virtual platform so that they can still forge ahead. There are dozens of virtual events, webinars and information sessions worth attending and inviting your online network to. Remember to share what you learnt from the event on your social channels.

Networking, whether it be face-to-face or online can be daunting. But remember if you are adding value to your network by participating and sharing your knowledge, you’ll gain industry insights, a wealth of knowledge and hopefully find some great industry connections.

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