The new life of an SAP Contractor

Posted on May 2020 By Speller International
Sap Contractor

Everyone is currently working in new ways due to the current global circumstances but how different are the day to day changes for contractors in the SAP industry?

Here is a snapshot of this experience through the eyes of one of our fantastic contractors, Rawn Sim, currently working at Lactalis and adapting to the work/ life changes and challenges.

How has the transition to working from home been for you?

I have sort of eased into the working from home as there have been unique situations in which I have to still go into work, being the only person from the SAP IT team based in Melbourne. So it has been stretches of weeks working from home, and then a few days into the manufacturing site secretly celebrating being able to get out. Being an “essential worker” on those days can be quite liberating.

What have the challenges been for you?

The main challenge has been not being able to go on weekend trips! I love my “Work 5, Play 2” lifestyle in Australia where weekends are usually spent visiting some place new or a road-trip somewhere. Now it’s a challenge to remember the day of the week sometimes, it all sort of blends into one big Groundhog Day.

The last 2 weeks have been extra tough too because these were the 2 weeks I should be on my holiday to the UK! I had my itinerary all planned so I gripe daily on what I SHOULD be doing. E.g. I should be watching a Manchester United game today! I should be at a boutique hotel at Lake District having breakfast overlooking the lake today!

Have any pleasant surprises come out of it or positives?

The biggest positive has been how connected and prepared we already are technology wise to work from home! The laptop I brought home from work got me connected with minimal fuss, with VPN turned on I had access to systems, files etc just like I would at work. I bought a HD camera back in February so that I could attend teleconferencing meetings with my team based in Brisbane from my desk instead of hopping into a VC enabled room at work. That is being put to good use now.

Second positive is everyone’s across the world is in the same boat, I gotten more chances to connect with friends and family back in Singapore in the sense that maybe there is an excuse or more reason to right now with everyone on Zoom, Webex or Google meet.

How have you had to adapt your working week- team updates, meetings etc...?

Not having to commute has so far meant lower stress levels! More time to make myself a cup of coffee and breakfast before starting work at the same time at 8:30am. I have already been having teleconference meetings with the team up in Brisbane, so nothing much has changed except we’re all at home now.

Everyone’s been really supportive of one another on my project! We been having “themed” meetings, like a meeting in the outdoors (our backyards) or wear a hat to the meeting. We keep the laughs up, share what’s still going on and I reckon we’re smashing it in more ways than one.

Can you predict any impact on projects or IT work in general moving forward?

I believe nobody genuinely knows what the answer to this will be. As a contractor, these times would be mostly ones of uncertainty for us. Maybe there will be more contract roles as companies try to have more agility in their workforce? Maybe we will all be clamoring for the supposed security of a permanent role for the next few years at least? Adapt and overcome, I guess.

How do you think your working life will change (if at all) moving forward because of this current situation ?

We often get asked difficult questions when being interviewed for a new role, like “why did you leave your last role”, “why are you looking for a change” or “how do you explain the gap in your resume”. The positive would be now there may be a genuine and valid reason to pursue something else we might have always wanted to do without being questioned too much.

E.g. I’ve always wanted to work in the food business, maybe have my own restaurant. I blame doing relatively well in school for not being able to justify going into that but maybe new situations may push me into that direction. Point being, we never know where it all leads, just have faith in the journey.

Did you brush up on any skills/ get to do hobbies with the potential extra time… cooking, crafts, reading?

Absolutely. I love cooking in my free time and with commuting time to/from work gone now, I find myself cooking fancier meals more regularly. Far, far fewer take-outs, healthier and more delish foods. I have been trying out new recipes and we’re even getting closely held ones released for free (that IKEA meatball recipe they released was spot on!) The whole experience makes me happier too.

What is the first outing you will plan once restrictions are lifted?

I’m sure local outings will come first but… Help me New Zealand, you’re my only hope.

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