The new ways we're celebrating Easter 2020

Posted on April 2020 By Speller International
Easter 2020

It’s safe to say Easter in 2020 will look a whole lot different from Easters of the past.

You may have planned a beach break, a family cook up or Easter hunt with kids, grandparents and parents but unfortunately, times have changed for now. So, in this current environment, how do we celebrate Easter 2020 and still have fun?

Speller’s SAP Recruitment Consultant Keely Shay, shares with us how she plans to celebrate Easter 2020.

This year’s Easter will be a little different with just me, my fiancé and our cats (Disco & Kevin) spending time together in our 2-bedroom apartment. We normally have quite a busy Easter weekend where we head out to Gippsland to celebrate with our family and friends, and so although this won’t be happening this year, I want to try and celebrate in other ways here at home.

Good Friday Fun

On good Friday we’ll keep our tradition of a big seafood lunch. A classic Good Friday for us includes Prawn Cocktail for entree, BBQ’d fish and salad for main, then ice cream and cake for dessert. Although I won’t be replicating that exactly, I will still organize a big lunch cook up for the two of us, followed by hot cross buns for dessert.

My fiancé and I have decided we both want to learn how to play Backgammon, so we will probably spend the evening of Good Friday in an exciting Backgammon competition. If anyone has played Backgammon before and has some tips to help me get the upper hand, I’m all ears!

Bake off Saturday

Easter Saturday will be dedicated to having another go at baking Hot Cross Buns (see first attempt below). Unfortunately, my first attempt didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped. After 8 hours of preparation, I was left with quite nice-looking, yet inedible buns. I think I just need some more practice, however if there are any master bakers out there who have tips then I would love to hear them!

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After my (hopefully) successful baking day, we will organise to have a Zoom dinner party with our family. Video conference calls have become a staple in our household, so we will dedicate the evening to making sure we catch up with all the family members we haven’t been able to see in person.

Easter Sunday

Massive indoor egg hunt! I’ll be getting up early to hide eggs around the house and challenge my fiancé to an Easter Egg hunt. We usually have quite a competitive Easter Egg hunt with the family, and this year will be no exception. I feel that it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday, so after the hunt I will make some pancakes, and we will have those with chocolate eggs for breakfast.

A normal Easter Sunday for us includes gathering with a big group of family friends down in Inverloch, for a full day of eating, drinking and catching up. After our egg hunt this year we will probably keep a low profile and watch a movie while binging on more Easter Eggs.

Recovery Monday

Monday is what I call “Easter Recovery Day”. After a few days of eating, drinking and socialising, Monday is normally spent relaxing on the couch and making our way back to Melbourne to start back at work on Tuesday. Given our limited options on other activities this year, I think relaxing and watching some Netflix will be the best way to wind down.

Let us know how you’ll be spending your Easter in isolation this year, and if you have any other ideas for Easter activities, we’d love to hear them.

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