Why you should 'stretch it out' at work

Posted on March 2020 By Speller International
Why You Should Stretch It Out At Work

Head, shoulders, knees and toes…

While remaining productive and alert in an office can often be directly related to amount of caffeine within our bloodstreams, few realise that stretching and movement can help keep the mind as active as a strong cup of joe.

Unfortunately, no matter how well an office workstation is designed, it involves few opportunities to change our body’s position. At Speller, we know the benefits that a few simple desk stretches can have on health and wellbeing, so we’ve taken some time to develop a stretching routine that can be easily completed at your desk!

Feel free to try this stretching routine next time the three-thirty-itis kicks in; you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the positive results to your own productivity!


Stand up at your desk and clasps your hands together behind you. Pull your hands away from your back and breathe evenly, feeling the pressure release from your shoulders.


While standing or sitting, clasp your hands together with interlocked fingers above your head, with your palms facing outward. Reach upward as far as possible. You should feel yet another release of pressure and tension from within your shoulders.


While seated, cross your arms over your chest. Ensure that your hands are holding your opposite shoulders. Rotate your upper body from the waist, moving gently, left to right. You should be able to feel mild tension on both sides of your lower back as you stretch.


Hold one arm cross your body so that it’s flush against your chest. Pull your elbow as close to your chest as possible. You should be able to feel a gentle stretch within your shoulder.


Sit straight with your legs and feet together. Place the palms of your hands against your lower back. Lean against your hands. You will feel a tension within your lower back and a release once you sit upright again.


Sit straight with your legs and feet shoulder width apart. Keep your head upright while gently turning your head from one side to the other, with your body from shoulders down remaining still. As you turn, you should feel muscles on the outer part of your neck gradually stretching and releasing tension.


Gently lift your shoulder as high as you can, roll them downward then upward for ten reps, then change to the other direction. You should be able to feel tension release as your shoulders roll downward. This is the perfect stretch for when your neck and shoulders feel tight from slumping at your desk.

It’s important to take breaks during your workday. Stretching your body during these short breaks is the perfect way to stay motivated and alert. So, on behalf of all of us at Speller, get crackin’!

If you have any stretching, or tips on taking breaks during your work day, feel free to contact Speller on LinkedIn.