The Speller Christmas Party 2019

Posted on December 2019 By Speller International
Christmas Party Header3

​On Thursday evening, the Peacock waits,

For thirsty Spellerites to drink with their mates

Up the stairs to the top to be greeted with glee,

With cocktails of red and green for thee

For tonight is the party of Christmas with Speller,

And the fridges are stocked as is the wine cellar

An evening to unwind and for us to show all,

how thankful we are so you all have a bawl!

As the red and green drinks go down as a treat,

The music gets louder and you know this is sweet,

As the sun sets and the bar is bustling with folk,

From ales to shots to whiskey and coke

The dance floor is alive for those staying to the end,

And these are the folk with sore heads to mend

In the morning as SAP work grinds to a halt,

Another successful Speller party to add to the vault

So to everyone who came, from the bottom of our hearts,

We’re always grateful and we’ll see you when the next project starts