Office Christmas Party Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on December 2019 By Speller International
Office Christmas Party

We’re nearing the end of 2019 and the Christmas Party season is in full swing. But before you grab that champagne and start the celebration, Speller has a few tips to get through the event without feeling regret the next day. Here are the do’s and don’ts of the office Christmas Party.

Do dress appropriately

Keep the boardies or the low cut dress for another night! This doesn’t mean you can’t show off some personal flare, just keep in mind you’re at a work function.

Do talk to the boss

It’s important to speak to the boss and wish them a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Although, do this at the start of the night to reduce the awkward conversation after a few drinks.

Don’t talk about work

Boring! It’s a Christmas party so forget work. People want to know about you outside of the office and this is your chance to let them know what you’re really about.

Do pace your drinks

Start the night slowly. Our advice? Drink water in between alcoholic drinks or opt for a spritzer or mid-strength - it’ll save you from dancing on the tables at midnight. Trust us!

Do avoid politics and religion

Conversations centred around politics and religion almost always end uncomfortably. If you see the conversation headed this way change the subject or head to the bar!

Do eat something

It’s easy to forget to eat when you’re chatting away, but it will save you from a hangover the next day.

Don’t eat and run

Stick around for a while even if you don’t want to be there. It’s a night for you and your co-workers to relax and enjoy yourselves, so make an effort!

Do talk to everyone

Speak to people you don’t normally mingle with at work. People are different outside the office walls and they may surprise you.

Don’t mix drinks

‘Shots! Shots! Shots!” and they’re looking at you! This is the time to avoid the peer pressure, you’ll be thankful you dodged the shots later in the night.

Do avoid office gossip

A lot of office politics throughout the year comes out at Christmas parties. People see it as their opportunity to vent, however don’t fall into this trap. After a few drinks you may find yourself saying you’ll regret the next day.

Don’t chuck a sickie the next day

Bad form. Never call in sick the day after a Christmas party. It’s an open invitation for criticism.

If you can try to stick by these cardinal rules you’ll find that you’ll avoid the awkward moments in the new year!

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