Speller Event – SAP S4 HANA Migrations

Posted on November 2019 By Speller International
Hana Event

Following the coat tails of our successful breakfast events lead by our recruitment team, the beginning of October saw Speller launch their first client-focussed networking event.

This event honed in on the subject of SAP S4 HANA Migrations both from a technical and a people/ structure point of view. We were fortunate enough to have two excellent speakers, Tony de Thomasis and Peter Dalins to cover these topics.

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Technical SAP S4 HANA Migrations

Tony spoke from his experiences about technical SAP environments, outlining the preparation needed before embarking on an SAP S4 project and also the different ways of migrating to an SAP S4 HANA platform. From his extensive technical background, along with his knowledge of various SAP environments, Tony spoke about the reasons a business would use certain methods to migrate to an SAP S4 environment and the potential problems to look out for. This, of course, was of great interest to those present who may currently be wondering about the right S4 HANA path.

People & Structure SAP S4 HANA Migrations

Peter’s perspective was slightly different. He spoke from his long career as a people leader, an overall view of running an IT team and leading the IT strategy and roadmap. He covered team structure during and post go-live and the importance of governance and risk management. Peter also covered the topic of working with an implementation partner; what to prepare for, how to work together and also some insight into the challenges that can arise in a fast-paced project environment.

Food for thought

In this current market, where team structures are being revised and reorganised more and more and the SAP S4 HANA buzz is building, these inter-related topics were very relevant and sparked food for thought;

  • After your project, what will your team look like?

  • Have I put the right level of governance in place?

  • Are the business users involved to the right level?

  • Are the communication channels open between the Implementation Partner and the Business?

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This was a lunchtime event held in the private dining room at Pastuso in the CBD, where 26 IT Managers/ leaders gathered in a relaxed environment with a set lunch, a few pisco sours and some solid SAP S4 discussion. It was an informative and enjoyable event that triggered many questions about this hot topic.

To date, we have now held networking sessions covering; Experiences working on an SAP S4 HANA implementation, the Agile Methodology and the current event.

We welcome any feedback on our events if you have attended and would also love to hear any suggestions on topics you would like covered for our upcoming sessions.

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