SAUG Melbourne – The Wrap Up!

Posted on November 2019 By Speller International
Saug Melbourne

Last week was Melbourne’s turn to host the SAUG. The temperature hit 40 degrees outside but we were lucky enough to be inside the air-conditioned rooms of the MCC.

The S/4 HANA journey

As guests arrived and mingled, it was evident S/4 was to play a huge part at the SAUG Melbourne. Without feeling like I am repeating myself from the last SAUG blog – people were here to listen to journeys of companies going through the S/4 transition or about to embark upon it. Most eager to get all the insights, hints and tips to report back to their bosses!

For example, one of the major benefits is the capability S/4HANA has with other databases, hardware and software, making it one of the most versatile data solutions out there at the minute. The benefits being discussed by multiple clients was the fact that their team can achieve greater analytic capabilities without giving up their current trusted interfaces.

People were gaining insight into the implications of moving to S/4HANA, understanding pathways available and which is best for them – along with how to move with S/4HANA, be it Green, Blue or Brownfield. A lot of information was coming from the breakout sessions and we could hear minds racing in the audience!

Change Lead & Managers discussion

Change as always, was a huge talking point as companies look to bring the whole organisation on board for the journey and ascertain from the onset Change Champions who will wave the S4 Flag!

What seems evident in this SAUG is organisations have no doubt that they will need to bring Change Leads and Managers in from the start of the project, something that in previous years has fell to the wayside! They understand the impact S4 will bring and good Change professionals with get the people and the business as ready as they can be to make it a successful outcome.

SAP Education demonstration

Training was also included in this year’s SAUG which saw SAP Education provide a live demonstration on the popular Training tool EnableNow, which is something that Speller International have numerous requirements for.

So as the day came to an end and people’s minds were overloaded with new information and possibilities, the drinks came out. The temperature outside dropped to a palatable 20 degree’s and it was safe to re-enter the outside world. And yet the saga of the S/4 journey continues and companies are still navigating their way through the challenges and benefits it.

If you went to the SAUG Melbourne and have any questions, advice or would like to chat about any of the topic that were discuss, feel free to comment!

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