A Year in Review: Keely Shay

Posted on November 2019 By Speller International
Year In Review

Keely Shay joined the Speller Team over a year ago as an SAP recruitment Consultant. Today we sat down with her and asked how the role is going, what’s changed in the SAP world and what’s in store for her in the new year, both personally and professionally. Let’s see what Keely had to say!

Tell us a little bit about the past year working at Speller International and how you’ve fit into the role.

This past year for me has completely flown by! Having not come from a recruitment or SAP background in the past, I found this role very challenging in the beginning, however I was given excellent training and support which allowed me to settle into the role quite quickly. I also found that the SAP community has been very welcoming and I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of my contractors and candidates this year

In your opinion how has the SAP industry changed over the last year?

I feel that the SAP industry is constantly moving, with multiple changes happening even over the past year. One thing I have noticed since starting is a bigger emphasis on SuccessFactors and other cloud technologies. This was just beginning to gain traction when I started, but these past 12 months have really seen it take off and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

Has the job role been what you thought it would be, or were there some aspects that took you by surprise?

Honestly, the role is completely different to what I expected. Having come from a sales background with no knowledge of SAP I didn’t really know what I was walking into, however it has been an enjoyable challenge and I have loved learning about SAP and the ins and outs of recruitment. I didn’t expect SAP to be so broad, so having to learn about all the different modules and roles within projects took me by surprise, however I love that this means I’m learning something new every day and never working the same role twice!

What positions within SAP do you predict to be in demand heading into the next financial year?

Definitely anything cloud based, such as SuccessFactors or Cloud Analytics. There will always be the demand for those core SAP areas, however with the future being in the Cloud I see this to be our biggest area for the next financial year.

What’s in store for you going forward and what are you focusing on professionally in 2019?

For me, I’m excited to grow my SAP network and continue to learn about this ever-changing landscape. I’m thoroughly enjoying my role in recruitment, and given I am still new to this industry I am keen to learn more from my senior peers and do what I can to grow on my results from the last financial year.

What does 2019 hold for you personally? Any holiday’s or big events?

There’s a lot of exciting things going on for me currently! My partner and I have just purchased our first home together, so I am really looking forward to being able to move in to that in the next few weeks, and we’ve also just booked a holiday to Europe next year to go to a music festival in Albania as well as do some hiking in the Dolomites.

Where do we find you in your downtime?

In my downtime you’ll most likely find me at a craft brewery drinking sour beer, at a music festival or just at home with my two cats Disco & Kevin.

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