The Benefits of a Mentorship Program

Posted on September 2019 By Speller International
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Mentoring is a relationship between two colleagues that can help to develop both their professional and personal skills. It’s not unusual for companies to provide a Mentorship Program as it is highly beneficial for all involved.

Usually, a mentor will be someone more senior in the industry who can transfer their experience onto another person, by supporting and encouraging them through their professional journey. This relationship can turn out to be mutually beneficial, with the benefits not just limited to the one being mentored.

Benefits to the Mentor
As a mentor, you’re not only assisting your mentee in their growth and development, there are also many benefits to both your personal and professional development. By being a mentor, you’ll be able to transfer your knowledge and insights to others and gain the recognition of your peers as a leader among the team.

Not only this, you’ll also get the opportunity to hear new approaches and perspectives on issues and extend your own personal scope of knowledge and ideas. As a mentor, you’re given the opportunity to reflect on your own way of doing things and will broaden your understanding of not just problem solving but the inner workings of the company.


Benefits to the Mentee
Being mentored can be a very valuable part of your professional development in a workplace. Having a mentor that can share their experience and develop you professionally, will expose you to different ideas and ways of tackling issues that you may never have thought of. A mentor can provide guidance on overcoming your weaknesses and ultimately lead to an improved performance within the workplace.

It’s not only your skills that can improve, you are also able to have a relationship with someone who you can go to for guidance or support on a matter you may not feel comfortable going to a manager about. Having a mentor can help decrease your stress and anxiety in a workplace and in turn promote longevity in a role.

Benefits to the Organisation
As an organisation, investing in mentorship can provide an efficient way to develop your new employees, as well as providing an opportunity for your more experienced staff to take ownership and stayed engaged within the company. Providing mentorship opportunities will promote personal and professional development and improve staff morale and motivation.

You may find as an organisation that by providing your employees a safe place to learn and develop, they will be more inclined to take risks and think “outside of the square” when it comes to solving problems, as they have the support of their senior colleagues there to guide them.

Whether it’s for personal development, career longevity, or a way to share your knowledge with others, mentoring is an excellent way to benefit all people within a business and create an environment that nourishes employees from all levels. Businesses can benefit greatly from mentoring programs by encouraging people to constantly learn and build great working relationships.

If you have any questions regarding a mentorship program, please feel free to contact the Speller Team. 

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