SAP News: The Success of Successfactors

Posted on June 2019 By Speller International
SAP News: The Success of Successfactors

It won’t come as a surprise when you read that SuccessFactors is thriving in the SAP market. Australia as a whole is screaming out for good people with all types of experience in SuccessFactors and it’s having a huge impact in the market.

I would be confident that if I were to upload my resume to any job website with the word ‘SuccessFactors’ in it, my phone would start to get inundated with calls from recruitment agencies and organisations alike, all wanting to speak to me about a role or two and about my exposure to SuccessFactors. So what does this mean for you?

Firstly, it means you’re in demand. You have a set of skills employers are in dire need of, and with this usually comes a premium price tag and the chance to increase your daily rate. But chances are you are already in a role or project, right? Is it worth going to where the grass ‘appears to be greener?’

Stay TRUE!
Whilst the phone rings constantly and the $$$$ makes your mind wonder about jumping, remember you have already made a commitment to the current project you are on. In a small SAP landscape where everyone knows everyone, this landscape gets even smaller in the SuccessFactors community.

Remember you will have to speak to the current Project Manager or Director and tell them you’re going to leave them early, and more than likely leave them in the lurch whilst they look to replace you. So straight away you have given them two problems – one, the work you are currently doing will cease, and two, they have to find someone else in a competitive market, then get them up to speed.

Keep in mind, this other contract you may jump to will at some point end, and you will again look to the market and your network… but will there be a mark on your name?


Whilst SuccessFactors is booming right now, like with everything it will not last. Sure, I feel there is plenty of gas left in the tank, but the momentum will start to slow down eventually. And whilst SuccessFactors will head into the shadows after its time in the spotlight, another tool will take its place. It’s nothing personal, just business. BUT, leaving contracts and leaving projects is personal. Loyalty is a fantastic trait in the world of contracting, it’s PRICELESS! And I can testify that employers remember the loyal ones and the not so loyal.

Daily Rate
While it’s a “candidate driven” market in the world of SuccessFactors at the moment and people are throwing more money around in order to get the skill set, remember to be careful when it comes to quoting your rate. Whilst it is nice to be in high demand and flattering when you know you can get $200 more per day today than what you were offered this time last year, bear in mind that with an increased rate there also comes increased responsibility and expectations.

We are now seeing more and more people being “let go” in this space as the customer is not happy with the level of consultant v’s what they’re paying. This is then having a negative impact on the consultant and the way they will be viewed for future roles. So, be mindful when adding too much on to your rate, be sure that you are comfortable living up to the expectations that you’re putting on yourself, and do not be too short sighted.

Whilst it can be ever tempting to go to a longer, better paying contract, the fact that it can damage you and your brand, may not be worth the risk. Of course there are ALWAYS exceptions to leaving contracts early, which we won’t go into detail in this blog. But whilst SuccessFactors keeps on thriving in the market – gain as much experience as you can out there.

Stay True, Stay Loyal and Stay Classy!

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