End of Financial Year Review

Posted on June 2019 By Speller International
End of Financial Year Review

A very happy EOFY!

Leading up to June 30th we can guarantee a few things… Our TV screens will be inundated with commercials spruiking EOFY sales, increased advertising for accounting firms, and our letterboxes will be filled with an abundance of sales catalogues.

The other common occurrence we as recruiters are pretty much guaranteed, are our contractors starting to worry about being out of work. The misconception that “the market slows down” or it’s deemed to be a bad time of year to look out for new opportunities is on everyone’s mind.

However, historically at Speller International we see quite the opposite trend, and over the last 5 years June has been one of our busiest months in terms of placements. Our average placements in June have been 25% higher than the average monthly placement for the rest of the year.

So why is this case when the common misconception is that it’s a bad time to look for a new contract or get a contract extension? Here are a few insights.

Budget Spend
Customers have money to spend. And not unlike the government (hence the additional road works at this time of year), they are often scared not to spend it in case they don’t get the same budget moving forward.

Over the last 5 years at Speller, our sales stats show that in Q4 (April, May, June) we make 13.3% more sales in this quarter than the average for the other 3 quarters. It’s no coincidence.

New Projects
New financial year, new budgets, new projects!

As you know, planning for large SAP programs does not happen overnight. The planning for these projects and resource requirements start well before the end of the financial year and thus so does the hiring.

With 2025 looming closer and the end of the support for ECC we see a lot more SAP S/4HANA projects in this coming financial year.

Sales Targets
Speller run their financial year July to June (as do many of our competitors), which means our Sales team are working extra hard to hit targets! And not unlike SAP Australia in December – they will beg, borrow and steal to get sales over the line – as will we.

And while I say this light heartedly our annual incentive trip (that we love so much) does ensure our sales team stay back late in to the evening in the last couple of months of the financial year, creating more urgency, more movement, and more placements which is great for contractors!

In summary, if you sign on to a contract that has an end date of June 30ththen you need not worry. In fact, the chances of your contract being extended are very high but don’t worry if it doesn’t, as I’m sure there will be many a “hungry” recruiter fighting to put you in your next contract.

Happy EOFY!

If you’re keen to find a new role this EOFY don’t hesitate to contact the Speller team. Follow Speller International on LinkedIn for more information and job roles.