SAUG Brisbane Key Takeaways

Posted on May 2019 By Speller International
SAUG Brisbane Key Takeaways

Last week nearly 200 people filled the first floor of the Sofitel for this years’ Brisbane SAUG. My colleague Luke Day and I made the trip to warmer pastures for the event, and in this week’s blog I share some of my key takeaways.

The first key takeaway was Machine Learning/ AI (Artificial Intelligence)and ChatBots. All was aimed at making the interaction from a customer point of view as quick and easy as possible

One of our highlights was listening to a talk by The Office of State Revenue whom are implementing SAP Leonardo in order to start predicting how the Australian’s are paying their tax and make it a seamless process for all. For example, 2% of normal tax payers do not pay their tax on time, however an astonishing 20% of land taxpayers fail to pay their land tax on time. This 20% shortfall resulted in extra costs occurred by the Government and has impacted other departments services that required money such as Health, Roads, Education and even the money paid for debt recovery. Who would of thought Tax would be so interesting!

Another takeaway was Data; how to ascertain data and what to do with it. A lot of organisations are finding it hard to deal with the ever expanding landscapes of on premise, cloud and multiple big data sources so SAP Data Hub was discussed in-depth. In addition to SAP Data hub, SAP HANA was, as always, a hot topic. It was discussed how it can solve Data problems from the Analytics perspective and in turn Machine Learning.

Our third and final takeaway was not really about the agenda itself but more on exactly how busy the Queensland Government is from a SAP perspective. What’s more is that these Government organisations seem to be leading the way with future technology trends and driving change at an incredibly fast pace. From this SAUG it seemed evident that if you want to be part of all these big new technologies, then Queensland is the place to be.

Speller International are busier than we have ever been in Queensland. And as the colder winter months roll in and Melbourne freezes over, having the option to visit the sunny state is appreciated. Both Luke and I love having the opportunity to travel up there and visit our customers in warm climate.

So that’s the wrap up on Brisbane’s annual SAUG. So get in touch with Speller and see where you can make a difference. And if you have not previously considered working in Queensland then maybe the time is now?

If you want to know more about Brisbane’s annual SAUG or you want to know more about any SAP topics that effect you, please feel free to leave a comment below.