A Guest Interview: What is a Client Looking for in a Candidate?

Posted on November 2018 By Speller International
A Guest Interview: What is a Client Looking for in a Candidate?

​Applying for a new role can be daunting, and quite frankly it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare. But what if Speller could give you a few handy interview tips that could get you that leg up you’ve been looking for? Well, it’s happening. We have spoken to one of our client’s to get you ‘in the know’ for your next interview. Take a look.

What attributes are they looking for?

Every client is looking for a candidate that can fulfill all the skills required of them for a job. Yet, when searching for the perfect employee there are certain attributes an employer is looking for.

Along with all the technical knowledge they want to see those soft skills that make a candidate stand out from the crowd. It may be personality, a quiet confidence or a steely front that a client finds appealing.

“Simple and honest answers, don’t need to overcomplicate a response. Ability to admit where they are deficient. Engaging in the chit chat / non-question part of an interview. Bit of humour.” These can all can go a long way according to one of Speller’s clients’.

CV must have’s

It takes a lot of effort to polish your CV to peak a client’s interest. However, as obvious as it sounds, the first and foremost thing a client looks for in a CV is that you must prove that you are competent in the role.

“Experience or roles completed,” are the first things that an employer looks at, says our client. Make sure your CV is up-to-date, clear on your competences and your most relevant information is clear for the client to see.

Deal breakers

Want a job? Don’t do these two things. Don’t be late. Sure, sometimes you just can’t help it, but you can avoid being late by preparing for the interview the night before, leaving with plenty of time and catch public transport if you can, so you don’t get stuck in traffic.

Our client tells us the other common mistake is when candidates don’t address everyone in the room. “Timeliness – must be on time. Address all people in the room.” These two things are deal breakers.

How to win them over

Everyone wants to win over their interviewer. You know the point where you feel it all went well, and perhaps they even liked you? Hell, they laughed at your joke!

We asked our client if there are any tools they could share with our candidates that could give them a leg up in an interview? “Often the interview is a matter of fit, engage with the interviewers, it’s not all about the actual role,” says our client.

This is a great tip. Make sure you don’t robotically answer questions. Engage with them, make chit chat. If they say they’re off to watch the football tonight, ask them “What team do you support?” You never know, you may find some common ground.

Top tip to surprise the Interviewer

Every now and then a candidate surprises the client with a memorable moment. We asked our client what is the best question you have been asked in an interview? The client responded that they were once asked by a candidate “What is it that makes you get up every day to come to work?”

A simple, to the point and succinct question will get the client thinking. But also, this question, if answered honestly by the client, will give the candidate an insight into the company and the people that keep it running. Remember, not all jobs that you interview for can be the right fit for you.

What differentiates speller candidates

Speller is a unique company. We pride ourselves off our structures and everyday processes that make us a well-oiled machine.

“Speller candidates often come well recommended. Their references check out, and I have confidence that they will be the right fit for the job,” says our client. And he’s not wrong. Speller ensure that all candidates are highly suitable for the roles that they are put forward for. In fact, all our candidates are referenced through our network, which provides us an accurate representation of what the candidates work has been like to date, providing candidate and client, the greatest opportunity for success.

Handy Hint: Remember when providing a reference for your application, that the reference is suitable and they are familiar with your work.

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