Meet the Consultant & New Australian Resident Vinay Mittal

Posted on September 2018 By Speller International
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​Taking the plunge and moving to another country can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. We’ve interviewed one of our contractors who recently did just that. He moved his life to Australia in order to continue his career in SAP and we hope his experience will inspire others to do the same. If you are thinking of making the move, Vinay may have answered some of those burning questions that sit in your way. Let’s see how he dealt with the move down under.

Speller: Tell us about your background, where you grew up and how you started your career in SAP?  

Vinay: I grew up in a city named Meerut in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. I completed my schooling and graduated University with a BTech C.S.E. Soon after graduating I then joined Accenture, working with different clients in India, all within the SAP space. I started working for Capgemini in 2015 which allowed me to broaden my knowledge of SAP.

Speller: When did you arrive down under?

Vinay: I arrived in Sydney, Australia on 16th January 2018.

Speller: What made you choose Australia?

Vinay: My wife was transferred to the Australian branch of her company. Another big reason was the visa process was fairly transparent and was not a lottery system like U.S.A. There also wasn’t the language constraints like some parts of Europe such as Germany, where you need to learn the language as part of the PR process. And lastly, the booming SAP market of Australia attracted me.

Speller: What type of visa are you on?  

Vinay: I applied for a PR from India and got it within 6 months (with 75 points) in September 2016.

Speller: Did any family members come over with you? If so, what challenges did you face with them when organising to relocate?

Vinay: It was great having my wife already in Sydney but it was a big challenge when I relocated to Australia. I had to sell my car, my motor bike and all our household items. I started selling them 4 months prior to my departure but still, it felt rushed and I ended up having to sell things for a lot less than I bought them for.

Speller: How have you found life in Australia so far? Was it what you were expecting?

Vinay: Life in Australia is pretty awesome so far and I have met many great people here. It’s really a privilege knowing them. I had my reservations about the people here especially reading various news articles about the cultural conflicts but to my surprise I didn’t find any such thing happening! I find the Australian people more accepting than any other countries citizens in the world.

Speller:  What tips would you give to someone thinking of relocating to Australia?

Vinay: Don’t bring anything from your home country! I got a food mixer with some other house hold things couriered and it was a waste of money. You can get everything here.  Also, when you’ve set a moving date, start selling whatever you need to sell as early as possible! Give yourself as much time to advertise and get the prices you want for each item.

Speller: Do you think moving to Australia has been the right career move?
Vinay: Moving to Australia was the best decision I could have made with regards to my career. This has turned out to be a huge learning curve for me, both professionally and personally. Although it’s a big step, moving to Australia can be a very rewarding experience. By making sure you take the time to properly prepare for the transition, you can ensure your move into Australian life is as exciting and stress-free as possible.

If you are thinking about making the move to Australia to further your SAP career, get in touch with one of Speller’s Recruitment Consultant’s for a chat about your options.