How to Negotiate Your Daily Rate With Your SAP Recruiter

Posted on September 2018 By Speller International
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Negotiating rates can be a difficult part of the recruitment process, however by following a few key steps you can ensure you’re getting the best advice and information from the start. Here are Speller Internationals’ top tips to negotiating your daily rate.

Always negotiate your rate upfront

It is important to negotiate your rate with your Recruitment Consultant at the beginning of the process. Why? To avoid wasting your time and energy. Updating your CV and preparing for interviews is time consuming and if you have not negotiated a rate prior to this, you may be disappointed with the rate offered. By negotiating your rate upfront, you can withdraw your application with your Recruitment Consultant before your CV is submitted to the client, keeping your relationship professional, and saving your time and the clients time.

Keep the communication open and honest

It is the responsibility of your Recruitment Consultant to help you achieve your desired daily rate. Therefore, it is important to keep the communication open, honest and transparent. By advising us on the figure you want we can enter into negotiations with a clear vision on what to accept on your behalf or when to push for a more desirable rate.

Trust your SAP Recruitment Consultant’s experience and advice

Our role is to be your advisor and advocate. An experienced Recruitment Consultant will know the market, the client’s budget (if there is any room to move), and what competition you are facing from other candidates. They will be able to advise you on the most attractive rate to ultimately secure you an interview and the vacancy. So our best advice is: Trust your Recruitment Consultant.

Know your worth

Ensure you understand the role that you are applying for. If you can make the clear connection between the job role and your experience, you can clearly demonstrate your suitability and your worth. This is the key to negotiating the rate that you deserve.

Keep an open mind

When considering your daily rate, it is important to be flexible. Take into account factors such as, can I gain experience from this role? Is there an opportunity for a long term role? Are the company’s values and lifestyle the big draw card?Sometimes it’s worth taking on a role for a lower rate if you can see a long term benefit.

These key steps are an important part of sustaining a great relationship with your SAP recruiter, the client and, of course, obtaining your desired daily rate. By following Speller’s top tips for negotiating your daily rate you can sit back and relax knowing that you will get the rate you deserve, for the SAP role you are perfect for.